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A day in the life: Paul Allis

Paul Allis, 20, is a rising junior at the University of Georgia from Stockbridge. He works at the Bolton Dining Hall three days a week during the school year.

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Grocery shopping on a budget

Oodles of Ramen noodles. Leftover pepperoni pizza. Hot Pockets. Just the thing college students crave but should probably avoid.

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Top 5 late-night cheap eats

Majestic Diner For the hard-partying up-all-nighters, this 24-hour diner is sure to simmer down your alcohol absorption and give you some, um, unique late-night stories to tell the next morning (if you can remember what happened).

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Student-friendly coffeehouses

Après Diem For brooding, espresso-drinking smokers, Après Diem's not a studying spot, but it may be Atlanta's best hangout for groups of friends pretending to be poets on Paris' Left Bank.

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