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Still not convinced?



Not convinced that global warming's happening? That it's being caused by humans? Or that, all told, it's going to be bad news?

Well, you've been listening to the wrong people. The world's leading scientists who actually have researched the issue – the ones who are publishing peer-reviewed studies on the subject – agree overwhelmingly that it's happening, that people are contributing to it, and that it's bad. Very, very bad.

If you're still skeptical – or you want to change the mind of a friend who gets his news from Rush Limbaugh – here are some of the most convincing websites:

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ( – A U.N.-backed scientific organization, the IPCC recently shared the Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore for its in-depth – and sobering – analysis of global warming. IPCC is the closest thing to an authority on the issue: More than 450 lead authors, 850 contributors and 2,500 "scientific expert reviewers" are participating in the endeavor.

Q&A for Climate Skeptics: Answers to Most Frequently Stated Concerns ( – The 56-page report prepared by University of Oregon scientists poses the questions and doubts often raised by "skeptics." It answers with data, photos, graphs, maps and eye-opening, thorough, cleverly written arguments.

Global Warming Myths and Facts ( – Environmental Defense put together this site, which is similar to the previous link, only condensed and without visuals. Succinctly answers the oft-raised question about global warming as a natural phenomena.

Climate Change 101 ( – Easy-to-use site with basic background on global warming – they call it climate change – and what you can do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in your daily life.

Architecture 2030 ( – The IPCC says sea levels are likely to rise three feet in the next 40-100 years. Some scientists say levels may rise even higher before then. To see what Savannah may look like under 15 feet of water, click on the above link.

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