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Stallone: American Baby

Limited Fanfare Records



One would think that MonstrO is a handful on its own, but not Juan Montoya. The former Torche guitarist is no stranger to the thick riffage and sludgy tempos of doom metal, but Stallone's American Baby EP ventures through instrumental psychedelia and surf/space rock terrain ("Ancient Infant"), harder-edged biker rock ("And Begin"), and stoned dirges ("Tight Like Tigers"). "Venom Hangover" is the type of supercharged metal that gets you going after a long night of partying. "The Battle of Miami" is a sprawling number that begins with a crushingly loud guitar blast before settling into an ambient, cinematic refrain. Stallone's astral projections land on a hard-rocking plane not far from MonstrO's stomping grounds, which isn't a bad place to be. (4 out of 5 stars)

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