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Staff information

Editor: Suzanne Van Atten

Section Editors: Jane Catoe, Steve Fennessy, Scott Henry, Roni Sarig

Critics/Writers: Cliff Bostock, Keely Brown, Tray Butler, Cathy Byrd, Jane Catoe, Ken Edelstein, Steve Fennessy, Anita Finkelstein, Mitchell Foy, Tom Gehl, Kevin Griffis, Jason Hatcher, Scott Henry, Curt Holman, Hal Horowitz, Lea Keel, James Kelly, Omar Khalid, Greg Land, Sherri McLendon, P'nina Mossman, Gregory Nicoll, Andisheh Nouaree, Lisa Peachey, David Peisner, Jerry Portwood, Bryan Powell, Roni Sarig, Mara Shalhoup, Lee Smith, Randy Trammell, Suzanne Van Atten, Michael Wall, Tony Ware, Kristi York

Photographers: Terri Clark, Valery Lovely, Jessica McGowan, Andisheh Nouaree, Ian Redinbaugh, Ivette Spradlin, Jim Stawniak

Illustrator: Bob Rob

Designers: Jason Hatcher, Jimmy Perry, Michelle Williams, John Yardley

Ballot Counters: Elizabeth Benedict, Jackson Benedict, Jeremy Best, Robert Chivington, Julius Flow, Kyle O'Dell, Freya Schlemmer, Drew Van Atten

If you or your business was chosen as one of this year's Best Of winners, please contact your account executive or call the ad hotline at 404-614-1254 to receive your FREE "Best Of Atlanta 2001 winner's plaque.

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