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ATLANTA SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA AND CHORUS The ASO kicks off its new season with a big 'un: Gustav Mahler's "Resurrection" Symphony (Symphony No. 2), a work of wide emotional range that spans the entire concert. The performance also features guest solo vocalists Twyla Robinson, soprano and Nancy Maultsby, mezzo-soprano. Robert Spano conducts. $15-$53. 8 p.m. Symphony Hall. 404-733-5000. -- Mark Gresham

CHERYL WHEELER Girls with guitars can be a scary thing, but this woman knows how to avoid the stereotypes as she works her audience in a way like nobody else. Alternating between hilarious stories, heartbreaking songs, and a big dose of "off the wall" humor, Wheeler never fails to make each show unique. $20. 8 p.m. The Five Spot. 404-223-1100. -- James Kelly

J. BOOGIE Not that I openly endorse drug use, but if there's one night this week good for sparking a J, this is the one, because Lord knows J. Boogie is gonna spark it off. A San Francisco-based producer of Afro-Latin dubby deep hip-house for OM Records, J. Boogie adds live flare to globally informed blunted funk that can draw equal rare grooves from dancehall as from Bollywood. From minimalist to mashing, J. Boogie has pared his dubtronix to a science. Call for price. 10 p.m. Django. 404-347-8648. -- Tony Ware


AMBUSH You know what makes a hot dog? It's the special sauce. Think you're a hot dog? Well, we'll see if you've got juice when you throw down to one of the drum 'n' bass innovators, LTJ Bukem. Joined by MC Conrad, Bukem will drop that atmospheric, aqueous, soul-jazz-soaked breakbeat. Not enough? How about some of the Breakbeat Science of New York's DB, a North American originator of jungle, raising decibels as he drops hook-heavy dubplates. Locals Deco, Mayhem, Kujo, Section 8 and Subconscious also keep things saucy. $25. 9 p.m. The Loft. 404-885-1365. -- TW

ATLANTA SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA AND CHORUS See Sound Menu listing for Thurs., Sept. 15. $15-$53. 8 p.m. Symphony Hall. 404-733-5000. -- MG

DANIELLE HOWLE, BRAD PASSONS Singer/songwriter/actress/storyteller Howle is the epitome of back-porch chic. Her delightfully rustic tales are vivid and her guitar skills are amazing. When she stops playing and starts talking, her often comedic and whimsical vignettes are brighter still. heartthrob Passons opens the late show. $8. 7 and 9:30 p.m. Eddie's Attic. 404-377-4976. -- Lee Valentine Smith

FOUR TET, KOUSHIK, CYNE, DJ LEB LAZE London-born Kieran Hebden of Four Tet churns out sophisticated and experimental "folktronica." West Africa-by-way-of-Florida hip-hip quartet Cyne strikes with a coordinated attack of two MCs and two DJs who click with a sense of urgency and sociopolitical awareness. Koushik meshes downbeat, experimental hip-hop with '60s psychedelia. Atlanta DJ Ryan Raja Rasheed spins a warm and cerebral wash of art-house and post-rock beatscapes. $14. 9:30 p.m. The Earl. 404-522-3950. -- Chad Radford

MODERN SKIRTS Tonight, the Athens-based quartet celebrates the local release of its new CD, Catalogue of Generous Men. The album is a how-to guide for constructing radio-friendly pop hooks with just enough Athens edge to keep it interesting, and enough refried and recycled Brit-pop to catch the 99X crowd's short attention span. $7. 9 p.m. 10 High. 404-873-3607. -- LVS

MÖTLEY CRÜE The regrowth of long-dormant hair bands? Blame the Crüe. Metal-Some Mondays? Blame the Crüe. The biggest cartoon band since KISS is in a period of resurgence and still touring with a big ol' theatrical production to support its bad habits and its Red, White and Crüe retrospective album. While others of the Crüe's ilk would be lucky to fill the Masquerade, the band survives in the big arenas on big hooks, big hair and larger-than-life, bad-boy characters. $47-$77. 8 p.m. Philips Arena. 404-249-6400. -- LVS

THE SHAKING RAY LEVIS AND ERIK HINDS Chattanooga-based improvisational duo, the Shaking Ray Levis treks to Atlanta to join forces with Athens' improv dignitary Hinds to craft musical accompaniment to a silent film called Telesthesia. Directed by fellow Chattanoogan Jarrod Whaley, Telesthesia is an avant-garde flick that relies on purely visual storytelling. Throughout the film, two people form a close bond over a great distance, but soon come together. $6. 9 p.m. Eyedrum. 404-522-0655. -- CR

SKINNY PUPPY DVD SCREENING PARTY In case you didn't feel like showing for either of Skinny Puppy's two shows at the Masquerade within the last year, the ghastly industrial music outfit offers The Greater Wrong of the Right Live on DVD. SP is dually noted for its grotesque, blood-soaked stage presence as it is for blackened and mechanical music. Tonight's show features a screening of the DVD. Call for time and price. The Loft. 404-885-1365. -- CR

STATISTICS, MY EPIPHANY Denver Dalley is a lanky Omaha, Neb., music fixture who first made his mark on the indie landscape as guitarist for Conor Oberst's Desaparecidos. Now fronting Statistics and touring behind his third release, Often Lie (Jade Tree), Dalley's output gels around crystalline pop that swings from sensitive to explosive without warning. Nashville's My Epiphany soars to ecstatic heights of avant-emo rock that's subject to intense and stylish mood swings. $7. 9 p.m. Drunken Unicorn. -- CR


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