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ATLANTA SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Guest conductor Roberto Abbado conducts this all-modern Russian program, opening with Prokofiev's "Overture on Hebrew Themes" followed by his "Piano Concerto No. 3," with Canadian pianist Jon Kimura Parker. It concludes with Shostakovich's "Symphony No. 10," written just after the death of Joseph Stalin, in which the composer essentially gives his deceased political nemesis the musical finger. $15-$53. 8 p.m. Symphony Hall. 404-733-5000. -- Mark Gresham

DYLAN Helping launch the counterstrike against grinning clown-step anthems, Bristol's Dylan unleashes skullfuck stormers that churn tech-step into sonic tracheotomies. A Dylan set is boot camp for true soldiers. Prepare to be forcefully assimilated, bitches. $10. Ladies free. 10 p.m. The Mark. 678-904-0050. -- Tony Ware

HACKENSAW BOYS, THE ROUNDERS The Hacks are into old-time music played in a modern vein, throwing in a little quirkiness to make it interesting. Chattanooga's Rounders are bringing their newest CD to town with them tonight, and their kind of country is my kind of country -- rough, rowdy and real. $10. 8 p.m. Smith's Olde Bar. 404-875-1522. -- James Kelly

ISRAEL CHAMBER ORCHESTRA Nizan Leibovitz leads the Israel Chamber Orchestra in a program titled "The Force of Music," featuring cellist Amit Peled in Shostakovich's "Concerto for Violoncello No. 1," and including performances of Beethoven's "Symphony No. 8," Prokoviev's "Classical Symphony," and the U.S. premiere of Joseph Bardanashvili's "Elegy for Strings." $36-$62. 8 p.m. Rialto Center. 404-651-4727. -- MG

THE LEGENDARY SHACK*SHAKERS, DEKE DICKERSON, JOHNNY KNOX AND HI-TEST It's shameful that this full bill has to be on a school night, because it has the makings of a rockin' marathon. The *Shakers make a lot of noise, and that's meant in a good way. Dickerson has one of the best country-rockabilly roots acts in the biz, and our own Knox is the consummate showman. $8. 9:30 p.m. The Earl. 404-522-3950. -- JK

SOL-FUSION Remember Pop Rocks? That cracklin', exploding candy -- with its crystallized fruit flavors kept fresh in that little pouch -- is probably the only "food" that gives pleasure to all five senses simultaneously. Now imagine a party that can provide that same kind of poppin' and you have imagined Sol-Fusion's "'80s Edition," taking over every room of Vision like it was the movie set for Purple Rain, Beat Street, Krush Groove, Wild Style or Risky Business. Come dressed prepared, but also loose enough to thrown down to DJs including ?uestlove, Kemit, Salah, Jamad and more. $25. 9 p.m. Vision. 404-874-4460. -- TW

TRACY + THE PLASTICS Tracy + the Plastics is a one-woman, lo-fi, Casio punk act from Olympia, Wash., that consist of Tracy's (née Wynne Greenwood) live presence interacting with a series of pre-recorded songs and skits. Taking on the persona of all three members of her video-projected group, including Nikki Romanos (keyboards) and Cola (drums), Tracy takes the thrift store cowgrrrl aesthetic to uncompromising new horizons. $8. 9 p.m. Eyedrum. 404-522-0655. -- Chad Radford


ATLANTA SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA See Sound Menu listing for Thurs., Oct. 27. $15-$53. 8 p.m. Symphony Hall. 404-733-5000. -- MG

BLACK LIPS, KING KHAN & BBQ SHOW Atlanta's shambolic garage-rock captains the Black Lips return from months of touring Western Europe, but will only be around long enough to play once before leaving for a U.S. tour. The King Khan & BBQ Show features two members of Canadian punk weirdos Spaceshits, regrouping to unleash an orgy of guitar, drum and bass racket with twisted psychological and sexual absurdity. $7. 9 p.m. Drunken Unicorn. 404-524-7354. -- CR

BROOKS & DUNN, BIG & RICH, WARREN BROTHERS, COWBOY TROY B&D have reeked of obviousness for the past five years, and the more contrived their music gets, the more popular they get. Go figure. Big & Rich is supposedly the next big (and rich) thing, along with Music Mafia brother Cowboy Troy, a countrified rapper. Go figure. I never thought I would say this, but the Warren Brothers may be the most legitimate act on the bill tonight. Go figure. $18.50-$58.50. 7 p.m. HiFi Buys Amphitheatre. 404-443-5090. -- JK

ETHOS PERCUSSION GROUP A two-part concert by the innovative Ethos Percussion Group (Trey Files, Eric Phinney, Yousif Sheronick and Michael Sgouros), with the first half exploring music of India with guests Samir Chatterjee on tabla and Ramesh Misra on sarengi. For the second half, Ethos is joined by Eric Nelson and the Emory University Concert Choir for the African "Missa Luba" in Congolese style. Emory students, free. $10. 8 p.m. Schwartz Center, Emerson Concert Hall. 404-727-5050. -- MG

THE WARRIORS HALLOWEEN BRAWL I could wax poetic about how the 1979 feature film The Warriors represents real New York gang issues spurred by racially motivated economics. But I could also poop on your head, and you probably wouldn't enjoy that, either. So let's talk about The Warriors Halloween Brawl. In The Warriors, New York is portrayed as the most dangerous, fascinating, improbable, sexy and insane place you could experience, and the Warriors Brawl will attempt to replicate that twitch from your soles to your soul with costumes, set pieces and music from DJ Hakim. $5 each for four or more in Warriors gang costumes, $10 non-gang members. 9 p.m. Truce Location: 10 Krog St. -- TW


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