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ATLANTA CHAMBER PLAYERS -- The Atlanta Chamber Players have proven their commitment to chamber music's future. After releasing a CD on the CRI label featuring recent work by composer Anne LeBaron (Sacred Theory of the Earth), the group now sets its sights on something a little less challenging but equally forward-thinking. Donning the wigs and beards of earlier musical eras, violinist Christopher Pulgram, pianist Paula Peace and cellist Brad Ritchie perform a 3 p.m. "Music Masters" family concert featuring the works of Bach, Beethoven and Brahms. With humor and lively audience interaction, the 25-year-old chamber group lowers its brow and lets the kids in. For information, call 770-242-2ACP. Walter Hill Auditorium/High Museum (Sarig)

FACE TO FACE, SNAPCASE -- Exactly at what point punk became Punk, transformed from stance to style, has been debated ad nauseum by those consumed by such pop culture arcanum. For the rest of us, suffice to note that rock's last true rebellion has been fully co-opted by that inert global juggernaut, Entertainment. Ten-year vets Face to Face make this readily apparent on their latest release, Standards & Practices, an entertaining collection of songs by, among others, Sugar, Jawbreaker, Fugazi and The Jam, given the Face to Face treatment. While Face to Face may not add a lot to the originals, they do know how to craft, and recognize, a catchy skatepunk hook no matter where it's from. Buffalo-based opening act Snapcase, like the substance free, straight-edge lifestyle to which they subscribe, create no-nonsense, earnest hardcore music animated by an overt punk ethic. In the Fugazi tradition of rock righteousness, vocalist Daryl Taberski delivers conscientious, personal lyrics in an energized, laid-bare "hey you!" yowl. H2O and Dashboard Confessional also perform. Masquerade (Robertson/Ware/Hutchinson)

ANTIGONI GONI -- A native of Greece, guitarist Antigoni Goni has performed all over the world, including stops at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow and New York's Carnegie Hall. Her most recent recordings explore the music of Paraguayan composer Augustin Barrios and British composer John W. Duarte. Spivey Hall (Hutchinson)

FRANCINE REED -- The first lady of Atlanta's blues scene (who's also a former Lyle Lovett backup singer) pipes up for Black History Month. She'll open Decatur's celebration of the annual event today backed by her full band. The 5 p.m. performance is open to the public and a $10 donation is requested at the door. Eddie's Attic (Nicoll)

ORRIN STAR -- A bluegrass master lauded since the '70s, Star teaches a bluegrass rhythm workshop from 2-5 p.m. at Briarcliff United Methodist Church ($45, 4105 Briarcliff, 404-965-2534) before an evening performance showcasing his flatpicking finesse. Red Light Café (Ware)

SUNDAY SIPPIN' PARLOR -- This week's late afternoon alt-country hoot brings you White Lightening, featuring Jon Byrd and CL contributor Slim Clance's acoustic harmonies, and No River City, a new group fronted by country singer/songwriter and Parlor organizer Drew de Man. The music starts at 4 p.m. Somber Reptile (Sarig)

THE VIRTUOSO VIOLIN -- See article. Performing Arts Studio (Brown)

BILLY'S: Rose Marie's karaoke

BRANDYHOUSE: Z93 party with the Dunhams


THE EARL: Dunch with Luke Carter

EDDIE'S ATTIC: Francine Reed

EMORY PERFORMING ARTS STUDIO: Violinist Jun-Ching Lin, pianist Richard Spano

FAT MATT'S RIB SHACK: Little Joey's Jumpin' Jive

FUZZY'S: Cathy Carlisle and Tabasco

MASQUERADE: Punk Sunday with Face To Face, H2O, Snapcase, Dashboard Confessional

NORTHSIDE TAVERN: Stephen Talkovich & Friends


SOMBER REPTILE: Sunday Sippin' Parlor with White Lighting, No River City



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