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GREGG ALLMAN & FRIENDS -- Like the Brothers, Allman never puts on a particularly poor show, although it seems he's sleepwalking though sets as he trots out moldy hits like "Melissa" and "Midnight Rider," 30-year-old tunes he's probably as sick to death of as his nightly half-hour traipse through "Whippin' Post" with his full-time band. Blues vocalist and old "friend" Floyd Miles usually steals the show and gooses some pep into the proceedings, but at this late stage, Allman knows what the audience wants and typically doesn't strain himself giving it to them. In other words, expect the expected. Tabernacle (Horowitz)

ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTION -- Though never particularly earthshaking, the Boys from Doraville always imposed a pleasantly smooth gloss on their Southern rock -- not surprising when you consider that the group evolved from the Classics IV (whose hit "Spooky" they still perform) and an elite cadre of Roy Orbison session men. Ring in the New Year with a "Champagne Jam." Underground Atlanta (Nicoll)

BOGUES AND FRIENDS -- Tonight the pub-rockers celebrate the dawning Real New Millennium by having a bash at their semi-secret headquarters, the Blue Lagoon. It promises to be an uptempo, straight-ahead string of college-radio hits kinda evening, followed by a "slowly deteriorating jam session" with almost whoever wants to play. Bring a date, bring your instrument -- or both! Blue Lagoon (Smith)

BUCKWHEAT ZYDECO, TONE LOC, THE BOOTY SQUAD -- Crazy Creole ensemble Buckwheat Zydeco once performed during an air show at Dobbins and never missed a beat with their washboards and accordion, even when an F-14 Tomcat cut loops in the air overhead and hovered on its tailfins beside the stage. No doubt Zydeco's peppery New Orleans spirit will similarly prevail through the wildest end-of-the-millennium roaring late tonight. As part of the National Millennium event being held at the Westin Peachtree Plaza, "kind-of-a-rap-legend" Tone Loc will perform. If he doesn't play "Wild Thing," the party might turn ugly. Atlanta disco cover-band the Booty Squad has also just been added to the bill. A breakthrough musical event it ain't, but a good time party atmosphere seems almost assured. Westin Peachtree Plaza (Nicoll/Hutchinson)

CHOCOLATE PARTY -- The Chamber gives patrons their just desserts by offering them a $3000 gourmet dessert bar and champagne to celebrate New Years Eve. How much you wanna bet most of the chocolate isn't eaten, unless you count licking it off someone else's nipple? The Chamber (Ware)

DICK DELICIOUS, X-IMPOSSIBLES -- For those who like to party hard, this is the New Year's party with the hardest sounds, courtesy of the band with the best name in town, Dick Delicious. Also performing, Atlanta's best '70s style trad-punkers (whose major label debut disc is due in February) certainly have a lot to celebrate. Tonight they'll ring in the New Year by ringing more than a few eardrums. The Evils and Criminal Ways open. 9 Lives Saloon (Nicoll)

FREAK THE JONES -- The PlanetJam Cotton Club hosts an after-midnight jam free for anyone with a Gregg Allman or Widespread Panic ticket, $6 otherwise. PlanetJam Cotton Club (Ware)

GLITTERDOME -- Pat Briggs and the Glitterdome Allstars unveil part of the newly renovated Vault and feature performances bound to go down in infamy with Torment, the Chamber's Kristiva Diva and Jason Jupiter, as well as the goth-industrial sounds of Glampire and special guest Carrie Hamilton. The Vault (Ware)

GWEN HUGHES AND THE RETRO JAZZ KATS -- Sultry songbird Hughes performs tonight in her four-piece configuration, playing a lively mix of swing and jazz. Reservations are recommended (404-815-6677).The Food Studio (Nicoll)

LUTHER "HOUSEROCKER" JOHNSON, SANDRA HALL -- One night each year -- and this is it -- blues devotees are guaranteed a seat at Blind Willie's, where the Houserocker will hold court with his engaging stage demeanor, furious guitar triplets and "play it with my teeth, y'all" shtick. And Sandra Hall will serve up a double shot of hot 'n' sassy. All this, and champagne too, for $40. Blind Willie's (Powell)

LIQUIFIED 2001 -- Kick off the New Year Liquid Groove-style. Three rooms of powerful sound, an eclectic selection of performers and that magical touch are what characterize every LG event. Featuring American trance legends Deepsky and British dance music pioneer Mr. C, U.K. Drum and Bass representatives Tech Itch & Decoder and Kemal, and a host of regional and local talent, Liquified 2001 is sure to leave you with a bounce in your step for the coming year. Masquerade (Morin)

MICHELLE MALONE AND THE MALONESTARS -- You have to wonder why the world goes ga-ga over the Indigo Girls, yet the similarly multi-talented singer/songwriter Malone is still slogging away in relative obscurity. It's sure not from lack of talent, diversity or roadwork. Her new live indie release proves she's got the voice, the tunes -- both electric and acoustic -- and especially the attitude to go big time. All three will no doubt be in evidence on her two shows tonight. She should have a few copies left of her new collection Strange Bird, Volume 3, an official live "bootleg" release documenting Malone's current sound and vision. And if Eddie's lets her plug in, get ready to rock. Eddie's Attic (Horowitz/Smith)

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