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GEOFF ACHISON -- Aussie blues rock guitarist Achison deftly mixes Jimi/Stevie Ray/Robin Trower intensity with a jazzer's technique and a tasty rhythmic sense that owes to funk, soul and reggae predecessors. Traveling in support of his sixth release, Live at St. Andrews, Achison, is up from Down Under for an Atlanta mini-tour that also includes Fat Matt's on Sunday, the Peckerhead Brewery next Wed., Nov. 1 and Whisker's Tavern/Dunwoody on Nov. 2. Fat Matt's Rib Shack (Powell)

CIGAR STORE INDIANS, JOE, MARC'S BROTHER -- If you've lived in Atlanta for very long and ever ventured into a rock club, chances are pretty good that you've seen the Indians. Their rowdy brand of retro rock is bound to please even the most jaded ol' sourpuss. Also bound to tickle your fancy is the quiet Atlanta debut of Joe, Marc's Brother, a powerful rock trio from Nashville. Joe Pisapia (and yes, his brother Marc) form a compact but somehow harmonically lush pop unit that is at its best when the playful and thoughtful functions of Pisapia's songwriting come together. Smith's Olde Bar (Smith/Hutchinson)

DREAD ZEPPELIN -- A decade down the line, this West Coast one-joke band that plops plucky, plump Elvis impersonator Tortelvis on top of reggae, and occasionally disco versions of Zepp tunes, has somehow weathered the years. They've also released a new album which tries to update the now-stale formula by adding lounge jazz, loops, hip-hop and even techno into the mix, and live are still probably good for a few yuks. But just a few. Tabernacle (Horowitz)

ELEGY: A TRIBUTE TO THE GRATEFUL DEAD -- Local music journalists Steve Hurlburt and Jerry Sumrell team with Michael May and Brent Lawson to perform an all-Grateful Dead set. Elegy's new CD The Electric Roses Tour actually features superior vocal work (more like the Band than the Dead) and some impressive displays of electric guitar prowess. They've also got a much more jammy companion disc called Jerry's Choice. Somber Reptile (Nicoll)

GEORGIA CLEAN ENERGY, CLEAN AIR CONCERT -- See article. Centennial Olympic Park (Baraka)

HANK III, CONFRONTATION CAMP -- This could be a concert that reflects Atlanta's diversity, a yin and yang affair of honkies and brothers. Hank III will strut his annoying rough-and-tumble, pot-smoking twang that puts the trailer back in rock and country. Meantime, Public Enemy's Chuck D. and his Confrontation Camp will bombard the audience with aggressive political missives wrapped in a rap. Let's hope it doesn't end in a riot. Masquerade (Allen)

HATE BOMBS, INVISIBLE MEN, VENDETTAS -- Listen to shrieks of a different kind this Halloween weekend with the screaming fuzztone '60s-style rock of Florida's Hate Bombs, the Farfisa-fueled fury of the Invisible Men (whose songs are mostly about drugs and alcohol) and the soul-annihilating squawk 'n' roll of Atlanta's own Vendettas. The Earl (Nicoll)

HOVERCRAFT, KINSKI -- A very heady experience. Ms. Vedder and company really blow out the brain cells with their semi-improvised hallucinogenic tones. Their use of a video projector throughout the set puts everyone in the dark so they can fool themselves into thinking what's on the screen is happening along with the music -- a false sense of purpose that goes well with the music. Much better live than on record. Seattle's Kinski (apparently named after actor Klaus Kinski) open. Kinski claim to draw their primary influences from obscure Japanese psychedelic bands, and will be previewing tracks from their upcoming Be Gentle With the Warm Turtle release. Sounds dreamy. Planet Jam Cotton Club (Horowitz/Foy)

JENNIFER NETTLES BAND, AMANDA GARRIGUES -- The former Soul Miner's Daughter, Nettles settles into the Attic tonight with two shows for her faithful followers: an all-ages set at 7 p.m. and a 9:30 p.m. show with Florida's Amanda Garrigues opening. Tonight, patrons should note the looming "Shhh..." banners and actively listen to columnist Garrigues as she performs songs from her excellent new album Groundswell. Eddie's Attic (Smith)

MONTE MONTGOMERY -- See listing for Oct. 27. Brandy House (Hendee)

99X LIVE X 6 RELEASE PARTY -- 99X celebrates the release of Walk Unafraid, the sixth volume in their Live X series of "unplugged" songs by some modern rock favorites (such as Billy Corgan, Foo Fighters and Stone Temple Pilots). Proceeds from the CD (offered early only at this concert -- officially released Oct. 31) benefit the SPLC Georgia Litigation Fund and Georgia Equality Project. The CD gains its name from the specially-chosen R.E.M. track recorded from Chastain. Not so special(ly) chosen featured artists Train and Angie Aparo perform live tonight. Variety Playhouse (Ware)

PERSONA -- Although lead guitarist Brian Brasher was a founding member of Creed, this Atlanta-based quartet often takes a more pop-inflected approach to that familiar "heavy-hook" theme. While their guitar-driven sound has all the structural polish, catchy refrains and smooth dynamics of the 99X heavy-rotation archetype, a distinctive next-level musical voice is somewhat difficult to detect in their debut CD, The End of Romance. Dark Horse Tavern (Hutchinson)

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