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Sound menu: Thursday/31

ATLANTA SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA -- The Atlanta Symphony treats its audience to an evening of patriotic homeland favorites -- not this homeland, but farther afield. Music from Smetana's popular paean to Czechoslovakia, "Ma Vlast," is paired with Beethoven's Goethe-inspired "Egmont" overture. Also featured is pianist Jon Kimura Parker in Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 3. Symphony Hall (Brown)

CRAIG DAVID, TWEET -- Blending a commanding presence, snappy accent and smooth R&B vocals, David continues to spread U.K.'s two-step garage sound throughout America. And the proliferation is quite welcome. David's free December concert at the Riviera was a mesmerizing, sweaty success. Expect this show to more intimate and just as energetic. Missy Elliott/Timbaland protege, hip-hop/soul singer/producer Tweet, opens. Roxy (Perry)

FIELD TRIP -- Rob Alex of Sonomama has joined forces with former Star Collector songwriter Cord Weiss of Tangerine in this fun side project. More punky than Weiss' usual bubblegum pop leanings, but with more sugar than a 5-pound bag of Dixie Crystals. Star Bar (Smith)

FRIENDS AND ENEMIES -- Friends and Enemies used to be poet, madman and devoted dad Mikel K's open-mic show, but the graffiti-spraying performance artist has since passed the torch to Alastor bassist Brillo. The last Thursday of every month, Brillo commutes from his home in Knoxville, Tenn., to host this two-plus-hour event, which features poetry, music and whoever walks through the door with a hankering to perform. Brillo records the acts, selects segments from each performance and burns CDs to sell at the next month's gathering. All money from sales of the discs goes to support cancer research. Admission is free -- and with the demise of Uncle Laffo's gong show at the nearby Star Bar, this could become a great source of undiscovered talent. If Coffeehouse (Smith)

THE FROGS, VPN, SOLUTION SCIENCE SYSTEMS -- Perspective -- that's what it all comes down to. Are the Frogs geniuses incarnate purposely testing and prodding our society's inherently puritanical, bourgeoisie concepts of good taste? Or are they merely crass vulgarians out for a cheap laugh at anybody's expense -- including their own? The jury's still out, but their barely tuneful, badly sung indie pop is so rote it's mostly a moot point. Also on the bill, classy NYC post-punk vets VPN (aka Very Pleasant Neighbor) casually drag around their indie street cred like a threadbare security blanket. New local rock band Solution Science Systems -- which enjoys masquerading as a tech start-up company -- opens. Echo Lounge (Robertson/Hutchinson)

PAT GREEN -- See article, p. 83. Smith's Olde Bar (Rowland)

DAVID SUTHERLAND, JOHN AUSTIN --- For this double-bill packed with crafty songwriting magic and charming lyrical content, Britain's David Sutherland teams up with Chicago's John Austin. Sutherland opens with his Americana/blues fingerpicking and serene vocals, playing tunes from his new release, American Refrigerator. Austin performs tunes off his critically acclaimed Byzantium CD, full of heartfelt vocals, introspective lyrics and poignant melodies. Eddie's Attic (Haney)

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