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Sound menu: Saturday/2

ANTI-GRAVES MISFITS COVER BAND -- As local acoustic songwriter favorite Caroline Aiken performs at Java House in Conyers to support her new Unshaken release, Aiken's teenage daughter Page Dukes and her band of old-school Misfits fans compete for your attention on the West Side, as they perform their tribute to everyone's favorite goth-punks. Somber Reptile (Sarig)

ATLANTA SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA -- See listing for Thurs., Jan. 31. Symphony Hall (Brown)

BLUES CAME TO GEORGIA CD RELEASE -- See Earshot, p. 85. Discover Mills (Powell)

BRAZILIAN GUITAR QUARTET -- Long before today's "unplugged" generation, there was the original acoustic classical guitar. Some of the finest exponents of this instrument have been Brazilian. The tradition continues as four of the best guitarists in South America -- Paul Galbraith, Tadeu do Amaral, and Edelton and Everton Gloeden -- combine European classical music and American jazz with, of course, a Brazilian inflection. Spivey Hall (Brown)

BREAKLANTA -- 3 DOT Productions and Mixwell present an event in which daring someone to "step to this" won't result in unfriendly fire, recalling a day when hip-hop meant partying in the park. B-boys and b-girls are invited to come early and enter the pop-n-lock battle. And if you can't cut it on the heels but you think you've got it on the wheels, there's a DJ battle. Spectators also can enjoy professional rump-shakin' from DJs Rolando (New York), J-Sun (Atlanta), Doc Roc (Florida) and many more. The Atrium (Ware)

CAKE -- See listing for Fri., Feb. 1. Tabernacle (Berkery)

DIXIE ROCKABILLY RUMBLE -- An evening packed full of twang and reverb is in store for the tattoos-and-pompadour set tonight, with ever-astonishing Deke Dickerson and his Ecco-Fonics as the event's crowning attraction. Also scheduled are the mighty Flathead Mike and the Mercurys, the Steubenville Knights, Craig "Bones" Maki and the Sun Dodgers and Atlanta's own indestructible Blacktop Rockets. As always, venerable scenester DJ Spike -- a walking encyclopedia of vintage tunes -- will spin his collection of rare '50s platters between the live acts. Doors open at 8 p.m., and there's a classic car show out back in the parking lot beginning at 2 p.m. Star Bar (Nicoll)

DONNA THE BUFFALO, OLD CROW MEDICINE SHOW -- In concert, DTB's frenetic sound is belied by an attitude so lazy that one can't help but feel that without the mic stands holding them up, they might fall down. But as band members twist individual sounds in a unified direction, a weird state of symbiosis occurs when all elements come together. With unusually sweet vocal harmonies and a classy mix of rock, folk, zydeco and funk, DTB was the highlight of last year's Harvest Festival. Old Crow Medicine Show opens (see listing for Fri., Feb. 1). Variety Playhouse (Prusin/Rowland)

ELGIN WELLS GROUP -- For the better part of 15 years, Wells and his trio held a five-night-a-week gig in the lounge of the Marietta seafood restaurant Ray's on the River, where Wells amazed and entertained patrons with his effortless versatility and good humor. This marks his first public performance in more than two years. Wells plays 10 instruments in the course of a show, demonstrating a command of jazz, R&B, blues and New Age. Sambuca Jazz Cafe (Powell)

EMORY BIG BAND NIGHT -- Gary Motley directs the Emory Jazz Combo, followed by Alabama's Jacksonville State University Jazz Ensemble (directed by Brian Bankson) and Georgia State University's Jazz Ensemble (directed by Gordon Vernick). Performing Arts Studio/Emory (Powell)

FISHMOUTH FOOLS -- See listing for Fri., Feb. 1. Northside Tavern (Sarig)

THE GLORIA RECORD, HER SPACE HOLIDAY, IDES OF SPACE -- An evening of shifting textures begins with the roaring rush of Aussie shoegazers Ides of Space, whose Lush feedback-drenched guitar washes bite and swoon like a Ride through a Technicolor sunset. Her Space Holiday's captained by multi-instrumental audio manipulator Matt Bianchi, who paints seductive soundscapes of electronic symphonies coursing with found sounds, shimmering guitar, pulsing percussion and slo-core ambience (see Record Reviews, p. 97). Formed from the ashes of emo pioneers Mineral, The Gloria Record employs a lighter, more subdued shambling ebb and flow. The Earl (Parker)

MARCO V -- Lost Atlantis Promotions bring the rarest of beasts to Atlanta: A DJ that has not played here every four to six months. That's right. Lost Atlantis proudly presents Marco V. Direct from Amsterdam, Marco V brings his famed churning hard trance (as only the daft Dutch can do it), which has been canned by British top jocks like Tall Paul. Local DJs Starboy, Sikora and Snyper help shepherd Atlanta's partygoers through this proper pounding. Globe Theater (Ware)

MOODSWING RECORDS WEEKEND -- The second night of Moodswing Records' showcase is headlined by Atlanta's kings of shambly, swaggering gothic indie-rock, the Rock*A*Teens. Their recently released EP gave Moodswing a handy boost in its aspirations to attain national notoriety as the home for Atlanta's somewhat underrated indie-rock scene. The Close and Chocolate Kiss, two of the label's core acts, also appear. Echo Lounge (Sarig)

SKIN - THE LOVE GENERATION -- Karma hosts another of its infamous fétes, the notoriously sexy Skin party. And for "The Love Generation," Pablo and Skin's finest deep and funky house DJs are showing the love by offering women free admission. And everyone else would love it if the ladies felt free to (un)dress appropriately. Karma (Ware)

GEORGE WINSTON -- One of the granddaddies of the oft-derided New Age genre, Winston enjoyed success in the early '80s with his seasonally themed albums (Autumn, Winter Into Spring and particularly December), setting the stage for the likes of Yanni and John Tesh. Though not terribly innovative as a soloist, Winston transcends his PBS pledge week peers thanks to his way with a snappy melody and a refreshing lack of pretense. Soothing music to be sure, but not quite elevator bound just yet. Robert Ferst Center for the Arts/Ga. Tech (Robertson)

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