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Sound menu: Monday/4

THE BREEDERS, THE COMAS, THE MOTO-LITAS -- After a three-year hiatus, the reunited and reformed Deal sisters continue their slow recovery. Late last year, the Breeders played a successful West Coast mini-tour, and a new album produced by Steve Albini is finished and ready for release in June. Expect to hear new material and, of course, a good dose of tunes from their early-'90s hit, Last Splash. Jose Medeles and Fear members Richard Presley and Mando Lopes are the Breeder boys this time out. Atlanta's Moto-Litas, currently poised as up-and-coming indie darlings themselves (based on recent glowing reviews in national press), are also on the bill, along with quirky Chapel Hill, N.C., grog-rockers the Comas. The show is sold out, but a limited amount of tickets will be available at the door tonight. Echo Lounge (Smith)

JUDAS PRIEST, ANTHRAX -- While we're all proud of young Ripper and his rags-to-riches rock 'n' roll success story, no one should take this for anything more than an adequate holdover until rowdy Rob jumps back in the fold. Better than a tribute but shy of the real deal. See Anthrax article, p. 81. DeKalb Atlanta Centre (Foy)

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