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Social House: Westside social scene



Once you've brought a taste of Harlem to Edgewood, introduced Atlantans to soul-food tapas, and built a loyal following among the city's urban upscale crowd, what's there left to do? Why, get a day job of course.

The owners of Rare and Harlem Bar recently launched their latest venture – an aptly named breakfast and brunch eatery called the Social House.

Mum's the Word: The Social House opened the first week of March, with little fanfare. The only publicity was a mysterious invite that implored would-be patrons to "be selective in who you tell" since they wanted "to keep this place for those that appreciate great food, great ambiance, and friendly service."

But since Atlantans seem to have a sixth sense for first-meal, the place has already garnered a steady stream of diverse diners. Hungover hipsters rub elbows with soccer moms and young intown dwellers, but no one seems out of place in such a warm, relaxed atmosphere.

Rustic Reincarnation: At the corner of Howell Mill and Chattahoochee, you'll find a cheery, mango-colored building with a retro-style painting on the side declaring the Social House, "The Home of Good Food." The interior has a cozy, cottage feel with pecan-colored hardwoods, exposed brick accents and floor-to-ceiling windows that let in loads of light even on an overcast day.

House of Carbs: The Social House's menu features a variety of breakfast basics and just about every nap-inducing carb known to man: breakfast potatoes, huge-as-your-head pancakes, perfectly fluffy biscuits, and thick, maple-infused Belgian waffles that melt in your mouth, even without butter and syrup. An entire section of the menu is dedicated to that most Southern of breakfast items -- grits -- which you can order paired with shrimp, tilapia or pork chops. There are also healthier options such as oatmeal, yogurt-granola parfait, turkey and chicken sausage, and a variety of fresh and sparkling juices. But the real show stealers are the eye-catching, inventive house specialties such as the New Orleans savory bread pudding, the fried green tomato crepes and the salmon hash. The array of options is sure to render the indecisive utterly helpless, but will make the budget-conscious feel like royalty. Most of the entrees fall within the $8-$12 range, and the a la carte options are well-priced at less than $5.

Mi Casa es Su Casa: Prefer your eggs soft-scrambled? Want your breakfast sandwich deconstructed? At the Social House, no request goes unconsidered. The staff attempts to accommodate even the most quirky custom orders. It's like the breakfast you'd make for yourself in your own kitchen -- except you're not stuck with the dishes.

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