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Snack attack

Restaurants to satisfy post-party cravings




Under Inky the bouncer's watchful gaze at the Majestic, a mixed crowd crams into the 24-hour diner on Ponce in the wee hours of the night. Standard Southern-style fare from breakfast food and burgers to shrimp baskets and pork chops fills the menu. Here, the greasy food is less the attraction than is the scene. Amid the grease, drag queens, club kids and frat boys fill the vinyl booths. The Majestic, open since 1929, remains an Atlanta landmark continuing to serve "food that pleases," along with a truly unique late-night scene. 1031 Ponce de Leon Ave. 404-875-0276.

It's late, you're drunk, and you can't go home because your dorm room is an unlivable stank-hole ever since your recluse roommate tried beer for the first time last night and puked in the sink.

You have nowhere to go. And you're hungry; really hungry. Whatever your hankering, late-night eateries are crucial to any college career. Take a preemptive strike against tomorrow morning's hangover with these nocturnal noshing nooks.

Bars with food ...

When choosing a watering hole, opt for one with a late-night kitchen. Everyone is more fun when well-fed, plus, all that beer you're guzzling will go down more smoothly with some sustenance. Cabbagetown's 97 Estoria (727 Wylie St., 404-522-0966) serves vegetarian samosas and hummus platters. Those with an appetite for balls 'n' brews should check out Twain's (211 E. Trinity Place, 404-373-0063) where you can pause between games of pool and pinball for food and freshly brewed beer.

After the party it's the Waffle House ...

Or any of these other spots that stay up as late as you do. After-party eating doesn't have to be greasy. R. Thomas' (1812 Peachtree St., 404-881-0246) plant-filled patio is not your typical 24-hour spot. It offers a range of fresh and healthy salads, pastas, burgers, breakfasts and more at any hour. The Landmark Diner's (60 Luckie St., 404-659-1756) close proximity to Underground Atlanta and downtown clubs makes it a prime night's-end stop. You'll find Mexican food until 3 a.m. at Los Rayos Taqueria (3290 W. Hospital Ave., Chamblee, 770-936-9278) and Slice (259 Peters St., 404-588-1820; 85 Poplar St., 404-917-1820) serves large slices of pizza until 3 a.m. on weekends. When you just want to grab a bite, stumble your way to D&B Taste of Chicago (1125 Peachtree St., 404-578-2783) for hot dogs, wings and sandwiches until 4 a.m.

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