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Slick hideout



In Midtown, a 31-year-old man saw cops drive by and tried to hide behind a tree near a broken chain-link fence near Linden and Juniper avenues. Cops thought the man was acting suspicious so they pulled over to investigate. As a cop walked through the broken fence, the man allegedly dropped a small baggie filled with suspected marijuana to the ground. Cops arrested the man, noting he also had "2 packs of lube and 4 condoms" on him.

Shrew and screw

A Buckhead woman called police, demanding a sidewalk repair. She said "she was jogging down Roxboro Road like she usually does. She stated she did not see a screw sticking out of the ground on the sidewalk and tripped over it," an officer wrote. "The woman said when she fell, she broke both of her wrists. She stated she got up and went home about a mile west of the location" to her apartment on East Paces Ferry Road.

The officer asked: Why didn't you call police or an ambulance to help you that day? The woman said she was not in any condition to use the phone, plus she wanted to see her own doctor the next day. Now, three days later, she was calling police because "she wanted the sidewalk to be fixed so it would be safe for the people to use," the officer noted. "She was jogging with her dog today as she called about the incident." With two broken wrists?

Life on display

A 22-year-old local actress walked into the Buckhead police precinct to make a report. She said that in 2009, her boyfriend stayed with her for a month because he's from England. She said during September 2009, they were drinking and video-documenting their drinking experience with her camera. Then later that evening, without her knowledge or consent, her boyfriend filmed her in a sexual way with his personal camera.

Eventually, her boyfriend returned to England — and they broke up. She claims that in 2010, the ex-boyfriend's sister started harassing her and making threats to ruin the actress' life. In 2012, she said the ex-boyfriend uploaded sexual videos of her on multiple porn sites to get revenge. Now, the Atlanta actress says she and her singing partner believe the ex-boyfriend and sister will carry out those threats if they travel abroad. The 22-year-old actress said she and her singing partner are public figures because they document their lives on the Internet, which makes them easy targets.

Creative explanation

On Fairburn Road, a woman said her 11-year-old son went to start the family car and somehow the car drove into the apartment across the parking lot. She said her son always starts the car to cool in down, and somehow that day, he drove it through the apartment staircase. The 11-year-old boy claimed that he started the car and then when he crawled into the back seat to play his video game, some guy jumped in the car and put it in drive before realizing the boy was in the back seat. He claims the guy jumped out of the car before it started rolling down the hill and smashed into the apartment. The child was completely unharmed. Of course, no one saw this mystery man that the boy claimed wrecked the car.

Road warrior

During rush hour, a 28-year-old man with a backpack was trudging along on I-75/85 near 10th Street. A stunned driver called police to report the guy walking on the highway. An officer found the man, stopped him, and asked about his walking choices: "(The man) said he was walking to North Carolina. I asked him why he was walking on the interstate — and he said it was the only way he knew to go," the officer wrote.

The North Carolina man said he took a bus to Atlanta about a month ago and he was supposed to stay with a friend, but that friend never met up with him. The officer noted: "He was walking with his back to traffic flow, during rush hour and traffic was heavy. He was not on the interstate after an emergency ... He was simply using the interstate as a footpath." The man was jailed on pedestrian charges.

Jonesing for happy

In Brownwood Park, a 29-year-old man said he parked his black Toyota outside his home on Brownwood Avenue. The next morning, his car had been hit by thieves. "His car was rammed-sacked," the reporting police officer wrote. (Ransacked?) The man said only one item was stolen from the trashed car: his prescription anti-depressant Sertraline, which comes in little orange pills.

Officer Spell Good

Prior to playing basketball, a 25-year-old woman said she hid her iPhone in a shoe, covering it with a shirt, and tucked the shoe in the bleachers. She asked the people sitting nearby to keep an eye on her phone/shoe. Of course, 10 minutes into the game, the woman took a break on a time out and realized her iPhone had been stolen. An officer arrived to take the report, dutifully noting that the woman did not have the "cereal number" for her phone.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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