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Sierra Nevada Harvest Ale (2007 edition)



Brewed once a year from freshly-picked hops that go from the fields in Yakima, Washington to the brew kettles in Chico in less than 3 days, this clear, reddish-gold pale ale is all about the aroma. Startlingly fresh, sinus-clearing spruce, like an alpine forest after a rain storm, fresh cut grass, herbal notes, a bit of tropical fruit esters—it smelled so good I almost forgot to take a sip. When I finally did, I got a resiny, grapefruit bitterness upfront, backed with a hint of caramel malt and an earthy, woody body. The finish is drying and tingly, with a lingering bitterness. Medium-bodied and perfectly carbonated with persistent tiny bubbles and a pleasant mouthfeel that washes over the tongue easily, despite the high IBUs (60–65). A perfect choice when you tire of the malty Oktoberfests and pumpkin ales of autumn.

Sierra Nevada Harvest Ale (2007 edition)
Fresh Hop Ale
Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
Chico, CA
6.7% ABV

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