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Opening Friday

· BEE SEASON (PG-13) Richard Gere and Juliette Binoche star in this adaptation of Myla Goldberg's novel about one family's experience with spelling bees and Jewish mysticism.

· THE DYING GAUL HHHH (R) See review on p. 63.

· HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE HHHH (PG-13) See review on page 62.

· KEANE (R) Damian Lewis of "Band of Brothers" plays a potentially mentally ill man haunting New York's Port Authority in search of his lost daughter.

· WALK THE LINE HHH (PG-13) See review on p. 61.

Opening Wednesday

· THE ICE HARVEST (R) John Cusak and Billy Bob Thornton star in this dark, holiday-themed heist picture that marks a change of pace for Groundhog Day director Harold Ramis. Think Grosse Pointe Blank meets Bad Santa.

· IN THE MIX (PG-13) Haven't seen an usher in a cinema in a while? That changes when singer Usher plays a DJ who saves a Mafia princess and becomes her de facto bodyguard.

· JUST FRIENDS (PG-13) Rejected by his high-school crush years ago, Ryan Reynolds grows up to be an incorrigible Don Juan -- until he encounters the same woman (Anna Faris) as an adult.

· RENT (PG-13) Chris Columbus (director of the first two Home Alone and Harry Potter movies) helms this adaptation of Jonathan Larson's smash Broadway musical, which resembles a rock-influenced La Boheme in the age of AIDS. It stars Taye Diggs and Rosario Dawson.

· USHPIZIN (PG) The appealingly named Giddi Dar directs this realistic comedy about an ultra-orthodox Jewish couple in Israel.

· YOURS, MINE & OURS (PG) When Dennis Quaid's widower and Rene Russo's widow get married, the children of their new household add up to 18 -- making it three times as good as "The Brady Bunch's" six kids.

Duly Noted

· THE ARISTOCRATS HHHH (NR) George Carlin, Gilbert Gottfried, Sarah Silverman, John Stewart, Whoopi Goldberg and scores of other comedians take turns telling -- or commenting on -- an old, notoriously offensive joke usually reserved for other comedians instead of their audiences. Nov. 18-Dec. 1. Cinefest, GSU University Center, Suite 211, 66 Courtland St. $5 ($3 until 5 p.m.). 404-651-3565. -- Curt Holman

· DAILIES: RETURN TO PEPPERLAND (NR) See review to right.

· LOVE AND INTRIGUE (1982) (NR) The Romeo-and-Juliet-style mismatched romance of a president's son and a musician's daughter inevitably leads to difficult circumstances. Wed., Nov. 23, 7 p.m. Goethe Institut Atlanta, 1197 Peachtree St. $3-$4. 404-892-2388.

· OUT ON FILM FESTIVAL (NR) The 18th annual festival of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender film comes to a close with the New York-based comedy Adam and Steve. Thurs., Nov. 17. Landmark Midtown Art Cinema, 931 Monroe Drive. $7-$20. 877-725-8849.

· THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW (1975) (R) The cult classic of cult classics, the musical horror spoof follows an all-American couple to the castle of Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a drag-queen/mad scientist from another galaxy. It's all fun and games until Meat Loaf gets killed. Dress as your favorite character and participate in this musical on acid. Midnight Fri. at Lefont Plaza Theatre and Sat. at Peachtree Cinema & Games, Norcross.

· A SKIN TOO FEW: THE DAYS OF NICK DRAKE (NR) Dutch director Jerome Berkvens presents a meditative documentary on British musician Nick Drake, who released three albums before overdosing on antidepressants in 1974. Thurs., Nov. 17. Cinefest, GSU University Center, Suite 211, 66 Courtland St. $5 ($3 until 5 p.m.). 404-651-3565.


· CAPOTE HHHHH (R) It's hard to take your eyes off Philip Seymour Hoffman as the vain, brilliant, manipulative and also haunted writer Truman Capote. Shrugging off the limitations of the usual biopic story arc, Bennett Miller's absorbing, thought-provoking, extremely well-crafted first fiction film (he directed the documentary The Cruise) focuses on a small but significant portion of Capote's life during the researching of his groundbreaking work of true crime nonfiction In Cold Blood, and the unhealthy mutual dependency that develops between the writer and one of the killers (Clifton Collins) of a Kansas farm family. -- Felicia Feaster

· CHICKEN LITTLE H (G) In this computer-animated catastrophe, Chicken Little (Zach Braff) of nursery-rhyme fame warns the cuddly critters of Oaky Oaks of an imminent alien invasion. Disney Animation flailingly emulates the pop references of the Shrek movies and, after about five minutes, stomps all over its promising jokes. In the spirit of such monickers as Foxy Loxy and Turkey Lurkey, Chicken Little would be better named Sucky Clucky. -- Holman

· THE CONSTANT GARDENER HHHH (R) In this flashy, faithful adaptation of John Le Carré's espionage best-seller, Ralph Fiennes plays impressively against type as a meek diplomat in Africa investigating the murder of his activist wife (Rachel Weisz). Director Fernando Mereilles brings a similar intensity and eye for telling detail that marked the sizzling City of God and makes The Constant Gardener one of the rare political thriller's that's actually about politics. Too many characters seem to exist simply for exposition instead of insight, but the film stirringly blends suspenseful paranoia, tragic romance and indignation at corporate misdeeds in the Third World. -- Holman

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