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Live Music
Round Two
Once-and-future New York "it" band the STROKES hit town NOV. 9 in support of their highly anticipated sophomore offering, Room on Fire (see Vibes p. 99). So here's the value economics on these indie-rock wunderkinds: It's good stuff to be sure, but their first CD was only a half-hour long, and their new one barely breaks 30 minutes. So if you're willing to shell out for the live experience, that only guarantees about an hour of tightly wound high-energy angst -- if you're lucky. $27.50. 8 p.m. Tabernacle, 152 Luckie St. 404-659-9022. Steve Yockey

Live Music
Just say yeah yeah yeah
She's got her own fashion designer and enough lipstick to cover far more than her lips. She's got a wailing timber, on-the-chin/off-the-cuff lyrics and a major-label contract. She's Karen O. of the YEAH YEAH YEAHS, and if you can't pick her out of a lineup, you haven't seen crazy lately. Together with her bandmates -- who deliver angular fuzz-punk high on short, catchy licks and a lot of sass -- she represents the Brooklyn underground's most mainstream act to date. They'll be in Atlanta NOV. 10, pushing their new album, Fever to Tell, and probably a few of your buttons. $12. 8 p.m. Echo Lounge, 551 Flat Shoals Ave. 404-681-3600. Nikhil Swaminathan

Bitch, what?
CHRIS ROCK ain't scared -- the man says what he thinks. He has mercilessly dethroned celebrity royalty at the MTV Music Awards on two occasions. (It takes balls to dis J. Lo's big ass in front of then-boyfriend P. Diddy, who was facing assault charges at the time.) Besides the anti-celebrity shtick, Rock ruthlessly shreds political correctness by making fun of all races. He hasn't toured in four years, so tickets to the NOV. 9 stop on his BLACK AMBITION TOUR are bound to be scarce. $39.50-$59.50. 8 p.m. Fox Theatre, 660 Peachtree St. 404-881-2100. Heather Kuldell

Nov 6 - Thursday
DJ RAP's a hottie, no doubt about that. But her perky bosoms have sparked a great debate: If you're a girl DJ, do you have to be talented or just hot to make it in the biz? Judge for yourself. Call for cover and time. Eleven50, 1150B Peachtree St. 404-874-0428. (HK)

Nov 7 - Friday
CHRIS ROBINSON brings his New Earth Mud to Atlanta again -- this time for an abbreviated set. Opening for Gov't Mule, Robinson has toned down the swagger he was known for with the Black Crowes and exhaled a sigh of maturity. Stick around for the encore, when Robinson should join Warren Haynes and company -- possibly for "Sometimes Salvation" or "Hard to Handle." $25. 8 p.m. Tabernacle, 152 Luckie St. 404-659-9022. (Lea Holland)

Nov 8 - Saturday
Ready for a double-shot of nostalgia? OUTWRITE BOOKSTORE & COFFEEHOUSE celebrates a decade in business with its 10th birthday party. Expect food, drinks and some cameo author appearances, as well as music from DJ Richard Jones. Later that night, the LUCKY YATES TALK SHOW calls it quits with its third anniversary show. Lucky and his trusty sidekick, Mister Magnificent, pull a Johnny Carson and bid adoring fans of the live-action talk show a long-dreaded adieu. Outwrite party: free. 8 p.m. 991 Piedmont Ave., 404-607-0082. Lucky Yates Talk Show: $5 plus the roll of the dice. Midnight. Dad's Garage Theatre, 280 Elizabeth St., 404-523-3141. (Tray Butler)

Nov 9 - Sunday
Critics take note: Former alt-goddess LIZ PHAIR spins through town again to flaunt her new, much-publicized pop image. Recently shed indie-cred not withstanding, she still rocks. $22.50-$25. 8 p.m. The Roxy, 3110 Roswell Road. 404-249-6400. (SY) Nov10Monday The Atlanta-Miami axis responsible for America's finest electronically aided experimental composition, digital draftsmen RICHARD DEVINE, OTTO VON SCHIRACH, PHOENECIA and DINO FELIPE weave rhythmic collages blotched with abraded beats, foamy melodies and pixilated noise -- all of it emitted with flatulent ferocity from their laptops (see Vibes p. 93). $10. 10 p.m. MJQ Concourse, 736 Ponce de Leon Ave. 404-870-0757. (Tony Ware)

Nov 11 - Tuesday
Sure, you could wait in the bearish brunch line, or save the stand time and join MURPHY'S WINE TASTING. This week the wines will focus on the Alsace region of France. $10. 6 p.m. Tuesdays. Murphy's, 997 Virginia Ave. 404-872-0904. (HK)

Nov 12 - Wednesday
The November edition of Creative Loafing's POLITICAL PARTY, our freewheeling and oft-raucous public forum, courageously tackles the 2004 election. MAYOR SHIRLEY FRANKLIN joins the panel of guests for some hardcore political prognostication. Co-sponsored by Dad's Garage and Hands On Atlanta. Free. 8 p.m. Dad's Garage, 280 Elizabeth St. 404-523-3141. www.atlanta.creativeloafing. com/party.html. (SY)


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