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THE AMERICAN PLAGUE, THE EL CAMINOS -- A return to the glory days of raw, emphatic punk rock, or at least that's what their lead singer would have you believe. But alas, there's more cheese than grit to this frontman. He shouts, "I want it all, give me all or nothing," with all the prowess of a high school Battle of the Bands finalist. The generic riffs behind him only makes matters worse. Local glam-rockers the El Caminos improve the bill. Dark Horse Tavern (St. John)

ATHENS IMPROVISED MUSIC FESTIVAL -- The second night of this festival features Atlanta's Son of C.O.D, which blends appliances, electronics and visuals; GAT, an adventurous jazz quartet featuring fantastic alto saxophone player George Davidson; and Tony Evans' solo electronics performance (with some saxophone added in). Headlining is the talented trio of Vinny Golia on woodwinds, Scott Fields on guitar and Toshi Makihara on percussion (also see listing for Sun., Nov. 4). Flicker Theatre and Bar/Athens (Khalid)

THE BUTCHIES, 1945 -- Led by Kaia Wilson of queercore pioneers Team Dresch, the Butchies tone down the buzzsaw guitars but not the activism. Where before there was inspired rage, now there is inspiring range. Daemon Records' 1945 aren't a World War II-era cover band, though you might accuse the Birmingham quartet of covering a few licks from Pixies and Nirvana anthems. While their early '90s influences are obvious, it's their enthusiasm that wins over the staunchest cynic. Bitch and Animal also perform. Echo Lounge (Ware)

ANDY C, MOVING FUSION -- U.K.-based DJ/producer Andy C has been defining cutting-edge drum 'n' bass since 1992's "Valley of the Shadows," a proto classic. His recent track "Body Rock" re-envisions drum 'n' bass as a nightmarish waltz and sets dance floors in disjointed motion. The Moving Fusion duo smooth out but don't dilute the main event with intelligent d 'n' b. Also helping move things along are Jacksonville, Fla.'s Wes Reed and Atlanta's own Mayhem, both masters of the dark, hard tech-step. The Vault (Ware)

DEM TAO NGO ATLANTA 2001 -- Vietnamese pop comes to Atlanta with this festival featuring some of the country's most beloved karaoke superstars. Tommy Ngo and Linda Trang Dai do their onstage pillowtalk routine, heartthrobs Johnny Dung and Minh Dinh croon over screaming girls, Minh Tuyet and Khanh Ly pout up a storm and the Ban Nhac Ocean band wraps it up with some smooth and creamy, but exotic, traditional tunes. Far from the usual fare. See for more details. The Atrium (Khalid)

GALACTIC, DJ SPOOKY -- By taking their funky New Orleans jazz upbringing and riffing incessantly, Galactic sets can seem like one long song -- at least until veteran soul vocalist Theryl de Clouet reins them in. The yin-yang works, creating shows that are danceable but ferocious, with eclectic covers ranging from Black Sabbath to Duke Ellington. See DJ Spooky in Record Reviews, p. 107. Roxy (Horowitz)

HEDWIG FOR HOPE -- Atlanta's first Hedwig and the Angry Inch cover band is putting on some makeup and pulling the wig down from the shelf for the first of a series of benefit shows for the American Red Cross. A strange concept, perhaps, but with full costumes and Hedwig-themed door prizes, this looks to be an interesting experiment of cult fanaticism meets charitable fund raising. Java Monkey Coffee House (Butler)

HOLLYFAITH -- See Earshot, p. 97. Smith's Olde Bar (Smith)

BILL MILLER -- Singer/songwriter/flutist Bill Miller is among the most acclaimed Native American musicians currently recording. He appears on the first day of Stone Mountain's two-day Pow Wow and Indian Festival. For more information, call 770-413-5086. Stone Mountain Park (Sarig)

MOTOR CITY JOSH & THE BIG THREE -- See listing for Fri., Nov. 2. The Fire House/ Woodstock (Powell)

LEE PERRY, MAD PROFESSOR -- Like ganja-fried Dylan, the once reclusive dub producer/performer has been on a seemingly endless tour of late, with his third time through town in just over a year. While his albums are hit-and-miss affairs, his moody reggae treatments create a gooey live rhythmic groove that, along with his outrageous appearance and unpredictable behavior, is reason enough to give this sixty-something legendary figure a look. Frequent sidekick Mad Professor mans the mixer. Variety Playhouse (Horowitz)

GONZALO RUBALCABA TRIO -- An extraordinary pianist, Havana native Rubalcaba fuses the authentic ethnic roots of his homeland with bebop and modal jazz. His father helped introduce the cha-cha, and his grandfather composed the famous processional "El Cadete." Rubalcaba, 38, now lives in Florida and records for Blue Note. Spivey Hall (Powell)

THE TOMBSTONE DADDYS -- Seven hard years on Southern club circuit have served the Daddys well, their scrappy live experience fueled by twin guitars, a ruthless rhythm section and a combined upbringing colored by a wealth of influences, from Stevie Ray Vaughan to Rush to Saigon Kick. The Charlotte, N.C., quintet is hillbilly-minus-the-kitsch country with a cranky blues temperament, punk with a spine flexible enough for the dance floor at the local juke joint. 9 Lives Saloon (Rowland)

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