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AMY PIKE AND THE LAST COLD BEER, HERITAGE CHERRY, VALETS -- Former Lost Continentals singer Amy Pike now leads a grittier quartet which also features ex-L.C. drummer Mike Hammer. They weave twisted melodic narratives which creep like kudzu vines across a foundation of earthy urban rhythms. Opening act Heritage Cherry showcases the considerable vocal prowess of Shannon Tanner. The multi-talented Valets will be happily familiar to anyone who's attended a musical at Dad's Garage. Star Bar (Nicoll)

ATLANTA BALALAIKA SOCIETY ORCHESTRA -- See Earshot, p. 113. GSU Recital Hall (Falstaff)

LESLIE BERRY -- South Carolina-based pop pianist Berry offers a selection of modern songwriting with elements of classical and folk that simmers with an understated unrest. Polished and easy-to-swallow inner confrontations, with a wide selection of coffee. Michael's Coffeehouse/Decatur (Smith)

CELTIC SPRING CEILI -- Gaelic for "dance party," the Ceili (kay-lee) features performances by members of the Irish Music Tradition sessions band and the Buddy O'Reilly Band, Scottish balladeers Tad and Judy Burden and Scottish Highland dancer Bronwen Halstead-Nussloch. Atlanta Marriott Gwinnett Place (Keel)

EUPHONIC JAZZ & IMPROV FESTIVAL -- Tonight's featured act: The Jeff Crompton Quartet. See article, p. 107. Earthshaking Music (Khalid)

HARDWARE: THE PENIS SHOW -- The opening-night reception for this group show featuring phallic art by Chris Verene, William Downs and others features performances by Lincoln Metcalfe, Glory Hole and the Phabulous Phallic Phabulons, Son of C.O.D. and Stella Zine. Eyedrum (Sarig)

KISSTORY -- Local Kiss tribute act go the whole nine yards -- full costumes, fire-breathing, rocket-shooting, castle backdrop -- in recreating the classic Kiss stage show. Tickets purchased for Kisstory's cancelled show the previous night in Rome, Ga., will be honored. The Riviera (Sarig)

LIVING SACRIFICE -- Bonecrushing metal from Little Rock, Ark., Living Sacrifice churn out relentless heavy aggression in the vein of Pantera and Sepultura (but harder). With more starts and stops than a rush-hour drive on I-285 and the kind of crunch that could dry out a bowl of milk, this is not your easy-going-Sunday-afternoon kind of band. Teen Planet/Conyers (Hutchinson)

KENNY LOGGINS -- A perfect pairing of artist and venue, Loggins' ingratiatingly smarmy, occasionally charming, folk-pop is custom made for the candle-and-wine crowd of mamas who don't dance and daddies who don't rock 'n' roll. If you can get past the candy-coated Pooh children's songs or the icky newfound love tunes, he might just rock out on the themes from "Caddyshack" or "Footloose." Hang onto your brie. Chastain Park Amphitheater (Horowitz)

THE LOST WORLD -- Local instrumental post-progsters the Plastic Plan contribute an entirely improvised soundtrack accompaniment to a midnight screening of the 1925 silent film classic, The Lost World. Cinefest/GSU (Sarig)

BRANFORD MARSALIS, ORPHEUS CHAMBER ORCHESTRA -- Jazz saxophonist Branford Marsalis and classical ensemble the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra are revisiting late 19th- and 20th-century classical works influenced by jazz and pre-jazz popular music. Their recent collaborative CD features compositions by Satie, Debussy, Ravel, Milhaud and others, and tonight's concert highlights some of these works. Rialto Center (Sarig)

NEAL MCCOY, DIAMOND RIO -- Representing banal Hot New Country fodder at the Spring FunFair this year are McCoy, who fancies himself to be the clown prince of Nashville (he did a country rap song, fercrissakes), and Diamond Rio, who have some decent credentials but delve into soft rock a bit much (can you say Air Supply?). For more info, call 888-434-FAIR. Georgia International Horse Park/Conyers (Kelly)

PH BALANCE, MINAMINA GOODSONG, D.R.E.S. THA BEATNIK -- Local hip-hop soul-pop band pH Balance, longtime kingpins of that nether-scene where middle-class black and white kids co-mingle, has had more success inspiring hip-sways live than translating its elegance onto recordings. Tonight's show celebrates the group's second release, fluent, which features sophisticated songwriting despite familiar pitfalls (occasional wack rapping, New Agey-ness); see Earshot, p. 113. Also dropping a new release, pH's Kaleidescope cohorts Minamina Goodsong, open. The ATL's beatbox champion D.R.E.S. hosts the proceedings. Echo Lounge (Sarig)

PUNK-O-RAMA -- The Masquerade hosts Epitaph's yearly Punk-O-Rama tour, bound to satisfy everyone from pop-punks to gutter-punks. Fenix*TX follow in the footsteps of early Green Day and any blink-182 with hyperkinetic, predictable three-chord guitar hijinks. Guttermouth are snotty kids out for shock-value. U.S. Bombs take their revivalist cues from late '70s punk groups like the U.K. Subs, Sham 69 and Stiff Little Fingers. The Deviates also perform. Masquerade. (Ware)

RAILROAD EARTH MULTIMEDIA FESTIVAL -- Along with Railroad Earth's annual iron pour, where attendees can have their sand carvings cast in iron, the evening features music from Glenn Weinstein's electro/acoustic world music CD, Abuwan Root, and a performance by Hubcap City. For more info, see Railroad Earth/1467 Oxford Road (Sarig)

RUGBURN: A MULTI-MEDIA EXTRAVAGANZA -- Evil Twin (whose erotic onstage antics caused the Atlanta cops to shut down Dottie's) are among the bands performing at this evening-long counterculture bacchanalia. Also featured are heavy-rock rampages from Five More Dead and Sleazoid, as well as DJs, nude body painting, underground videos by Joe Christ and other forbidden delights. Somber Reptile (Nicoll)

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