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A FEW DEGREES -- In the past year, local acoustic duo A Few Degrees has bolstered itself live with the addition of a percussionist. They're currently working on a new CD that fleshes out the sound even more, with full rock-band arrangements. The group's sharp playing and knack for melody remains, however, no matter what the formation. Local singer/songwriter Morgan Rowe opens. Eddie's Attic (Sarig)

B.B. KING BLUES MUSIC FESTIVAL -- See sound menu listing for Fri., Aug. 24. Chastain Park Amphitheatre (Horowitz)

DAEMON RECORDS SHOWCASE -- Amy Ray hosts a night of her Daemon Records label's acts. New signees the Moto-Litas preview songs from their upcoming release, For the Greater Good. Singer/songwriter Rose Polenzani supports her recent, self-titled release. Birmingham alternative rockers Nineteen Forty-Five perform songs from Together We'll Burn Like Autumn Leaves. Ray performs songs from her recent solo album Stag, backed by punk trio the Butchies (who'll do a set of their own). Earlier in the day, Ray, Polenzani, the Moto-Litas and Nineteen Forty-Five play a free show in the parking lot of Criminal Records to celebrate the L5P indie shop's 10-year anniversary. Music starts at 3 p.m. Echo Lounge (Smith)

DARK STAR ORCHESTRA, BLUEGROUND UNDERGRASS, DAVID GANS -- For those who never saw the Grateful Dead, tapes are recommended. For those who want the concert experience, there's the DSO. As the legend of the Dead exceeds the collective objective recount, cover bands like DSO will be called upon to provide their version of what made the Dead special. If you're to see one Dead cover band, DSO should be it. Blueground Undergrass has a pristine reputation among bluegrassers and hippies alike, but haven't had a really great Atlanta show in awhile now. Maybe this will be the one. David Gans, host of the syndicated radio show "The Grateful Dead Hour," attempts to shed his image as Grateful Dead expert and get recognized as a singer-songwriter. He has a warm, strange presence and good taste in covers, including comedian Martin Mull's "Normal." Masquerade Music Park (Prusin/Howard)

DICK DELICIOUS & THE TASTY TESTICLES, STOOL SAMPLE -- Offering proof that Stool Sample and Dick Delicious are, in fact, not the same band, Atlanta's two violence-loving misogynists team up for a double-release party. Stool Sample unveil the long-delayed Masterpiece of Shit, which is about half-right, and DD & TT offer Bigger Than Ron Jeremy, which would be entirely correct with the word "disappointments" inserted after "bigger." Still, songs such as DD's "Last Man in the Gang Bang" and SS's "Battered Women" are interchangeable, both the sad, sorry testimonials of guys who didn't get enough love from their parents. 9 Live Saloon (Sarig)

GLITTERDOME -- Local trash-rockers the Impotent Sea Snakes and NYC violin-rock diva Lourds perform at the latest installment of what's become one of Atlanta's most popular club events. After 15 months as ringleader of the drag and glam extravaganza, host Pat Briggs steps down from his throne in order to tend to a sick family member in L.A. He passes the baton tonight to New York club legend Misstress Formika, who will steward the weekly event in Briggs' absence. Masquerade (Sarig)

MARSHALL TUCKER BAND -- See sound menu listing for Fri., Aug. 24. Frederick Brown Jr. Amphitheater (J.Kelly)

PAUL MELANCON, MARC ENGLISH -- Paul Melancon, formerly of Radiant City, fronts his own band called the Million Box. However, tonight the dapper Tom-Wolfe-of-Pop goes solo to perform as part of a special writers night at the Sycamore Tree. Joining Melancon is fellow popster Marc English, minus his Marc English 800 band and armed with a case full of songs in progress. Florida-based singer/songwriter Amanda Garrigues also performs (see listing for Thurs., Aug. 23). Sycamore Tree Coffee House/Stone Mountain (Smith)

METAPOP EXPERIENCE -- A delightfully dizzying musical gumbo brewed from equal parts jazz, folk, funk and third-world sounds, the MetaPop Experience features outstanding soulful vocals by Tammy Allen, a singer whose flavorful songs offer a range of social commentary from sweet to biting. Somber Reptile's Cajun Kitchen (Nicoll)

MISS MONEYPENNY'S -- Fashionable UK clubbing comes to Atlanta when Britain's Miss Moneypenny's club night touches down at eleven50, bringing DJ Benji Candelario. Residents Richard Leslie and Karl Injex also spin. Wear your best and expect to stare your best. eleven50 (Ware)

MONTE MONTGOMERY -- Voted best acoustic guitarist for the past four years at Austin's Music Awards, Montgomery is no slouch on the frets, but an average nice-guy singer/songwriter. Once you get past his anonymous vocals, hardly inspiring strummy folk/rock songs and bland, often clichéd lyrics, there isn't much room left to strut his substantial six-string prowess. But when he does, the guy will floor you. Variety Playhouse (Horowitz)

NILE RODGERS -- See article, p. 79. EarthLink Live (York)

SHAKING RAY LEVIS -- In a nutshell, Dennis Palmer and Bob Stagner are pretty much responsible for the creative music scene in Chattanooga, Tenn. Speaking of nuts, the duo make some of wackiest electroacoustic music in the South, utilizing smart humor, vocal mutations, samplers and killer percussion. The Shaking Rays have played Atlanta many times during the last two decades and are still more than welcome, as their show is always a nice change of pace in a frequently stuffy music scene. Eyedrum (Khalid)

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