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Saturday 22

ATLANTA SWAMP OPERA — Local Cajun/zydeco six-piece perform at this regular dance party put on by the Atlanta Cajun Dance Association. A beginners' dance workshop is held at 7 p.m. For info, call 770-552-6041. Knights of Columbus Post 660/2620 Buford Hwy. (Sarig)

THE CHANGELINGS — The Echo Lounge does darkwave for a special dance show, featuring sets by goth deejays as well as live music from this haunting local pop combo. Echo Lounge (Nicoll)

CAT POWER — It could be said the test of a visionary artist is his or her ability to do covers. On her new CD, The Covers Record, Cat Power's Chan Marshall proves she can't do anything but be herself. Even songs written by others and covered millions of times sound like Cat Power originals in Marshall's hands. While it lacks the weight of her own songs, the CD is revealing nevertheless. But let's hope she breaks out some new material on stage this weekend. The Earl (Sarig)

CIGAR STORE INDIANS — Truck-drivin' country/rockabilly that's as tough as Firestone radials and as manfully appealing as new leather seats. Smith's Olde Bar (Nicoll)

GREG CONNORS — This local rocker claims his answering machine is clogged with messages from David T. Lindsay, telling him to grow his hair long and appeal to his own sense of feminine irony. Since Lindsay's a film critic and not a rock critic, we wonder what's been slipped into Connors' coffee lately. He's on stage at 9 p.m. tonight. If Coffeehouse (Nicoll)

PROJECT LOGIC — Best known as the DJ and "fourth member" of Medeski, Martin and Wood, DJ Logic also leads a live band that features himself on turntables, the Rollins Band's Melvin Gibbs on bass and former Arrested Development drummer Skoota Warner. Project Logic's recent self-titled release features appearances by MMW, Vernon Reid, Marc Ribot, Sex Mob and others. The core trio, however, will do their thing in Midtown tonight. Yin Yang Music Café (Sarig)

REDNECK GREECE, TORE UP! — GReece paint loopy musical pictures of low-rent Southern life, while Tore Up! blasts out earthy upbeat country that's tailor-made to rock yer trailer right off its cinderblocks. Star Bar (Nicoll)

U.S. BOMBS — Led by skateboard daredevil Duane Peters, the Bombs play the kind of old school anthemic beer-chuggin' working class punk rock that ties together their So-Cal hardcore roots with an old school class-of-'76 sound. Union 13, Bloody Sods and the Squares are also on the bill. 513 Club (Trammell)

BILL "THE SAUCE BOSS" WHARTON — Equal parts cooking demonstration and musical performance, the Sauce Boss cooks a pot of gumbo during the show, all the while playing slide guitar and singing. Wharton's belly jigglin' enthusiasm and kooky sense of fun raise his nursery rhyme blues above its fifth generation minstrel show shtick. It's all about the gumbo anyhow, and at the end of the show, everybody eats. 9 p.m. showtime. Sportsworld Bar and Grille/Marietta (Trammell)

WREK 32ND ANNIVERSARY SHOW — The second, more low-key night of this two-day celebration features Steven Fenton with Krayolas (apparently, members of the Red Krayola; see article on p. 92), as well as ninety-something-year-old local blues icon Frank Edwards and Some Soviet Station. Eyedrum (Sarig)

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