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Saturday 15

ALISON BROWN QUARTET — Longtime bluegrass star Alison Brown puts her magnificent banjo skills to a much jazzier use with her quartet. The group's latest release, Out of the Blue, is a surprising crisp and eloquent run through contemporary jazz flavors. Atlanta's River Bottom Band opens tonight's show. Red Light Café (Sarig)

BRITISH ROCK SYMPHONY — Packaged and processed trip through late-'60s bombast with a touring symphony, choir and guests singing the music of the Beatles, the Who, Led Zeppelin and others. Featuring cameo spots by Simon Townshend, Darlene Love and Billy Preston. Robert Ferst Center/Georgia Tech(Smith)

PETER CORNELL, ROCK*A*TEENS, ULTRABABYFAT — Chris Cornell's little bro Peter didn't waste all that time his big bro did with Soundgarden. Still unsigned and largely unknown, Chris split from his band Grace at the first sign of success. Now on his own, he's branching out of Seattle with a national tour. At this stop he's joined by local rock bigshots the Rock*A*Teens and Ultrababyfat. Cotton Club (Sarig)

DASH RIP ROCK — Despite all the odds, those crazy Cajun rockers Dash Rip Rock are still at it. Sixteen years in the making, DRR plays a hyped-up, high-octane brand of punkabilly with a live show that has to be experienced to be believed. C.J.'s Landing (Thompson)

PHILIP GLASS — Philip Glass has established himself as a modern classical music creator of distinctive minimalist compositions with strong non-Western influences: He still seems to remain accessible and innovative after almost 25 years in the spotlight. Known as much for his soundtrack and crossover work as for his classical compositions and operas, Glass is undoubtedly one of the most influential composers of the late 20th century. He performs a solo piano recital tonight. Performing Arts Studio/Emory (Alexander)

GRETA LEE BAND — A roots country act which wears its heart on its sleeve as proudly as a buckskin fringe. Showtime's 9:30 p.m. Eddie's Attic (Nicoll)

INTERGALACTIC COWBOY — Max Holliman (ex-Knobz) has a bizarre but engaging one-man band act. Dressed in a Stetson hat and western boots, he performs Eno-esque ambient music via an acoustic guitar, accompanied only by tape devices which repeat what he plays, creating layer after layer of sound. The Earl (Nicoll)

WANDA JACKSON, CAROLINE & THE RAMBLERS — This one's the show to see this week, rockabilly fans! Jackson is the original '50s Queen of Rock, sometimes known as "the Female Elvis." Nobody belts out "Hard Headed Woman" quite like she does. You've heard Caroline & the Ramblers' loving renditions of Jackson's songs (including "Let's Have a Party") for years — tonight you get to compare these two rockin' ladies back to back. Star Bar (Nicoll)

JOSH JOPLIN BAND, FIVE-EIGHT — Wildman Joplin squares off tonight against the only regional rocker who may have more manic energy than himself, Mike Mantione of the enduring Athens rock ensemble Five-Eight. Mantione's group is getting ready to release a new CD, which they say is a sort of concept record. Smith's Olde Bar (Nicoll/Sarig)

KISS, TED NUGENT, SKID ROW — See Kiss article on p. 97. The Nuge is many things to many people. To some he is the guitarist on the Amboy Dukes' psychedelic epic "Journey to the Center of Your Mind." To others he is the author of such delicate mid-'70s tear jerkers as "Cat Scratch Fever" and "Wang Dang Sweet Poontang." And to others he is the man most likely to follow in Charlton Heston's gun-totin' footsteps as the president of the NRA. Me, I'm waiting for the inevitable Damn Yankees reunion. Opening act Skid Row also do a late-night show at the Masquerade (see separate item). Phillips Arena (Robertson)

JOE McPHEE/DAVEY WILLIAMS DUO — For three decades, Multi-instrumentalist Joe McPhee and guitarist Davey Williams have been pushing the limits of their respective musical talents: McPhee adding pocket trumpet, piano and electronics to his repertoire with the tenor saxophone; Williams with his participation in a wide variety of musical projects including TransMuseq Duo, Rev. Fred Lane's Orchestra and collaborations with John Zorn and Shaking Ray Levis. McPhee astounded the local audience last year, and so did Williams with Abbey Radar. Their collective returns should produce an interesting collaboration. Earthshaking Music/543 Stokeswood Ave (Khalid)

RIGHTEOUS VIBES — The April edition of the monthly urban music/poetry event features last month's supporting act Jjasonblackwell headlining with their sparse experimental hip-hop sound and intelligent, poetic lyrical flow. There's also a dance set by DJ Ausar and spoken word poetry by Yohannes Shariff Smith. Doors open at 8 p.m. For more info, call 404-752-5194. Return to Royalty Ballroom/879 Ralph Abernathy Blvd. (Trammell)

SKID ROW — Skid Row without the "benefit" of the eternally loud-mouthed, obnoxious hair-guy Sebastian Bach? And you thought they were boring before. Some folks just don't know when to pack it in. Masquerade (Robertson)

VERBENA, SONNY SIXKILLER — Southern grunge revivalists provide an evening of catchy yet sometimes sludgy hard-pop. The Alabama-based rockers are touring to preview some work-in-progress songs live before recording their new album this summer. Philadelphia-based indie-pop band Sonny Sixkiller opens. Echo Lounge (Smith)

THE WAILERS — Everything's pretty much the way Bob Marley left it, with eight of the original backing group still cranking out "Buffalo Soldier" and "No Woman No Cry." The group still sounds pretty much the same too, only backup singer Marcia Griffiths is now singing most of the songs. Hard to imagine this is what Marley would have wanted, but who knows? Variety Playhouse (Trammell)

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