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Satkirpal Khalsa

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Satkirpal Khalsa is a DJ, MC, yoga instructor, herbalist, painter, graphic designer and b-boy (breakdancer, for you squares not down with the lingo). Although he has several different monikers, most people simply refer to him as Sat (pronounced Saht).

Sat spins at Teaspace in Little Five Points every other Thursday under the DJ name Fidel Cashflow. The majority of his sets consist of old-school funk, soul and underground hip-hop, although he has been known to throw in homegrown remixes of Nancy Sinatra or Joan Jett every now and then.

Along with Justus (a female MC) and Masevo (the beatmaker), Sat raps under the name Mercy for local hip-hop group Fox Fables. The lyrical content entails "a lot of scoffing at pain and using it as fuel to carry on." A record is in the works.

With a fine arts degree from Ringling School of Art and Design, Sat is a more than capable artist and designer. "My paintings use story to talk about the act of painting and archetypes of human struggle."

Favorite artists include Carravaggio, Odd Nerdrum, Ross Bleckner, Brice Marden and Mark Tansey.

Satkirpal was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico. From age 8 to 18, he went to boarding school in Uttar Pradesh, located in northeastern India, near the Himalayas. "I went to India with a bunch of Americans. I felt ostracized for being Puerto Rican. I had a heavy accent back then and was darker than everyone else."

In addition to English (which Sat now speaks virtually accent-free), he speaks Spanish and Hindi.

Craziest experience in India?: "Once while taking a walk with some friends, I got attacked and chased by a huge gang of red monkeys. It was pretty frightening."

Sat recently returned from a month-long bicycle pilgrimage through Spain. He thinks of riding bikes as "a counter-car culture." He just put up a website called "[Bikes are] the most efficient machine in terms of input of energy and output."

Sat is also well-versed in herbs and alternative medicines, and sometimes teaches yoga at people's houses in exchange for non-monetary goods such as meals or artwork.


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