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Samuel Adams Hallertau Imperial Pilsner


Boston Beer Company
Boston, MA
8.8% ABV

I have found most versions of this style to be too sweet to be considered pilsners, which by definition should be crisp and well-attenuated, but kudos to Samuel Adams for achieving a dry, refreshing pilsner that showcases the rich characteristics of the noble Hallertau Mittelfrueh hop. Floral and citrusy aromas dominate the nose, while spicy, slightly fruity flavors come through in the taste. A grainy, pale malt base is simply a water cracker on which to spread the hops and yeast. The dry finish is not at all astringent, and hop bitterness seems surprisingly low for a beer with over 100 IBUs. The alcohol is well hidden, more warming than boozy. Sam Adams has crafted a unique beer that is still solidly grounded in tradition.

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