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Ron Galella

Disco Years



The name of this black-and-white photography book leads people to expect images of notorious nights in the viper's den of Studio 54. While these types of shots are certainly present, Galella extends the theme to include photographs of notable celebrities at a multitude of events from the '70s and '80s. From Peoples' Choice Awards to political banquets, the images are daubed with the patina of disco mischievousness. Usual suspects such as Bianca, Liza and MiJac rub up against those who are less so (pianist Vladimir Horowitz, Oprah and Steadman). There may have been no lenses present in the crevices to catch the most scandalous celebrity disco behavior, so we may never see all the coke spoons and strap-ons we might want. Fortunately, this collection provides enough allusions to debauchery to fuel the fertilely imaginative. ***

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