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This guide includes restaurants that we recommend, are of note or have received recent reviews in Creative Loafing. For more extensive restaurant listings, or to add your restaurant to our online listings, please visit our Good Eats page. Readers can submit tips and recommendations to our critics by e-mailing


ANN'S SNACK BAR, 1615 Memorial Drive, 404-687-9207. Don't make the mistake of setting your baby on the counter here, or you'll probably be asked to leave, according to a sign at this 34-year-old, eight-stool restaurant. In fact, don't speak at all until Ann Price asks for your order. She is too busy for idle chat while making burgers the size of -- well -- a ghetto. The "Ghetto Burger" indeed fills a plate and is covered with chili. We prefer the double cheeseburger with just a touch of mayo. Fries are hot and crunchy. Actually, so are the deep-fried hot dogs. Winner of "Best Hamburger" 2006.

CARROLL STREET CAFE, 208 Carroll St. SE. 404-577-2700. The Diem Inc. outpost in Cabbagetown, this winebar-cum-cafe embodies all the Apres Diem style with Cabbagetown's eclectic sensibilites. Try the smoked salmon lox platter for breakfast or the Carroll Street BLT for lunch. B, L, D $-$$

Coca-Cola cupcake at West Egg Cafe - JAMES CAMP

FLYING BISCUIT CAFE, 1655 McLendon Ave., 404-687-8888. No Southern breakfast is complete without biscuits, but the Flying Biscuit has made the biscuit -- cakey, oversized and with a touch of buttermilk -- the cornerstone of all its meals, even its lunch-menu items and dinner entrees. Next door to the restaurant, there's a small to-go shop that's always crowded where you can get your biscuits, sold by the dozen, to go with your morning coffee. B, L, D $$

FOOD 101 MORNINGSIDE, ** 1397 N. Highland Ave. 404-347-9747. Upscale comfort food is the order of the day here. Look for such homey classics as fried chicken and the "famous" meatloaf to satisfy your nostalgic cravings. Watch for the kitchen's occasional heavy hand with the sugar, in appetizers and elsewhere. L, D $$

MAJESTIC DINER, 1031 Ponce de Leon Ave. 404-875-0276. For all the debauchery and bleary-eyed clubbing that ordering a plate of hash browns at 4 a.m. entails, this is the only place to go. Delightfully greasy burgers, eggs, grits and other diner favorites stave off oncoming hangovers and settle woozy, boozy tummies. Stone-cold sober? This Atlanta institution can provide all the inspiration you need to write that picaresque novel. Winner of "Best 24-Hour Restaurant" 2005. L, D $

RADIAL CAFE, 1530 DeKalb Ave. 404-659-6594. Going out to breakfast should be relaxing, and this is one of the few places left in Atlanta where jockeying for a table isn't a professional sport. The space is cozy, but not cramped, and the funky art on the walls could perk up even the most bleary-eyed night owl. Don't miss the hearty buckwheat pancakes and the giant breakfast burrito topped with spicy salsa, black beans and a drizzle of sour cream. Winner of "Best Breakfast" 2005. L $

RIA'S BLUEBIRD, 421 Memorial Drive S.E. 404-521-3737. On any given day, you can see yuppies sitting next to punks who are next to hipsters. All this is to say that the food at the Bluebird is one of those things that everyone loves. The two Mex-Cali inspired favorites, huevos rancheros and breakfast burrito, are sure winners any day of the week but on weekends you'll have to get there early or expect a long wait. B, L $

SOUPER JENNY, 56 E. Andrews Drive, 404-239-9023. The quaint and tasteful ambiance of mom's kitchen is in full force at Buckhead's Souper Jenny. But it's the interaction of the familiar with the adventurous that makes it worth the traffic. Pick from a list of wholesome soups, tasty sandwiches and crisp salads. The menu changes daily, but if you happen upon the artichoke and roasted tomato sandwich with a goat cheese spread, go for it. $$

THUMBS UP DINER, 573 Edgewood Ave. 404-223-0690. This is a breakfast joint whose weekend waits are worth braving: Nutty whole wheat biscuits and nicely composed egg scrambles are served to one of the town's most wonderfully integrated dining crowds. B, L $

WAHOO, ** 1042 W. College Ave. 404-373-3331. Wahoo's menu has no specific ethnic or thematic predilection. It's a wholly democratic mishmash of popular dishes that epitomizes millennial American tastes. The prices are astoundingly reasonable, an essential ingredient to a neighborhood restaurant. Winner of "Best Patio Dining" 2006.

WEST EGG CAFE, 1168-A Howell Mill Road. 404-872-3973. This Westsider offers two irresistible cupcake flavors -- red velvet and Coca-Cola -- though you'll find other worthy creations in the mix as well. Those with a slightly smaller sweet tooth can enjoy the Blue Plate Breakfast (served all day) or one of 10 winning sandwiches. Winner of "Best Cupcakes" 2005. B, L $

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