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Reptar: Body Faucet




The four fellas that make up Athens buzz-pop sensation Reptar wear the marks of 21st-century indie glam on their fuzzy sweater sleeves (Animal Collective, what hath ye wrought?) but Body Faucet also finds the band acknowledging its debt to those influences: Elvis Costello hangs warily about, as do the Police, to some extent, and other neon-brushed ghosts of 1980s globo-pop radio. It's a serviceable tribute, but on a personal level, Reptar's debut full-length proves highly unremarkable. Body Faucet is well-executed but sterile, full of weary and familiar accoutrements. The Vampire Weekend-y Afropop beats that pulse through many of the album's tracks seem oddly lifeless, while the post-MGMT posi-pop of "Orifice Origami" is proudly suited for the next AmEx spot - one of those ads full of smiling yuppies apparently feeling high and unfettered. But let's be savvy consumers. The trouble with Body Faucet is that it inspires little real feeling at all. (2 out of 5 stars)

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