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Trash service: Ah, tradition. It separates us from the animals. Or was that thumbs? Maybe alcohol? Anyway, Sat., Oct. 25, a tradition of sorts came to a close as King Pigeon (aka DJ Aural Sex aka Mr. Lava) presided over the last of his regular multi-national caucuses set to a disco beat. Pigeon spent two years hosting a "Eurotrash or Eurotreasure?" party that lived up to its name -- attracting an international selection of patrons to its melodic, HighNRG Eurobeat sound and grin-inducing grooves (bordering on cheesy) somewhere between trance and tripe.

Unfortunately, this last "Eurotrash" proved anticlimactic. A venue change from the Somber Reptile (taken over by a hip-hop battle) upstairs to the Cajun Kitchen threw off the throngs. The handful in attendance, however, made like the Riverdance cast at cheerleader camp, exhibiting the exuberance reserved for youth through high kicks and hijinks.

Now King Pigeon is off to (of all places) Europe, to re-evaluate and revamp the concept for a December relaunch. For future developments, keep an eye on

Fall back, Jack: Thanks to DJ Mark Farina at the Crescent Room and MJQ's Six-Year Anniversary, last Saturday was the month's second-best party night, besides Halloween. The end of Daylight Savings Time meant an additional hour to howl. Accentuating the foolhardiness of any ill-informed city plans to truncate bar hours, responsible adults enjoyed intoxicating grooves as much as (if not more than) the beverages. Fans of rampaging rhythm -- including Lunar Magazine birthday boy Sterling and promoter Jennifer Walker -- remained hundreds strong as the Crescent Room got crunk to Farina's melding of house sass and hip-hop soul.

Meanwhile, rolling into MJQ just as the hour rolled back revealed how one club can cut across the strata of genre, attracting a who's who of local promoters. Within steps of the entrance were Randy Castello of Tight Bros. Network and Grant Aaron of Lifeform.Project, the latter fresh off the previous night's Skate or Die!, a costumed, curated retro-futuristic roller-skating jam that hopefully will become a tradition. (Look for these cats on your next click-through of

Also at MJQ: D.R.E.S. tha Beatnik, seen earlier at the Somber Reptile's hip-hop showcase; writer Chante LaGon; DJ Greg Adamson; local Bill Hallman designer Michelle Sellers; and Theresa Marie Fedor, keyboardist/vocalist for The Close, among others. Par for the Concourse, here's to many more.

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