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Smash-hit soundtracks for blockbuster films are generally geared toward mo' money for everyone except consumers, and Shaft's musical companion is no exception. The album boasts hip-hop and R&B tracks intended to preserve the Shaft-inspired blaxploitation attitude and wah-wah grooves of the 1971 film, but it's hard to imagine this soundtrack will endure the way Isaac Hayes' original did.

R. Kelly's pair of tracks provide hype for his next project, due later this year: The soulful standout "Bad Man" currently bombards radio waves and its accompanying Hype Williams video rotates heavily on BET, while the other track, "Up and Outta Here," sounds like some stale Motown wash-up. "We Servin" by Goodie Mob's Big Gipp provides another radio warmer with its annoyingly catchy hook. "Do What I Gotta Do," by Gipp's labelmate Donell Jones, sounds laid-back and a little monotonous; Jones never raises his sweet, high-pitched voice throughout the track. However, it's way better than Carl Thomas' "Summer Rain," which calls into question any talent Bad Boy Records may have seen hidden in the R&B singer.

Other hip-hop tracks maintain the badass vibe Shaft embodies, most notably Too Short's "Pimp Shit," Mystikal's "Ain't Gonna See Tomorrow" and OutKast's "Tough Guy" (featuring UGK). One of the few major urban soundtracks this year (along with Romeo Must Die, Big Momma's House and The Nutty Professor 2), Shaft's pimpified '70s vibe could encourage us all to feel like a badmutha (shut yo' mouth!). Or maybe not.

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