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Take the sassiness of Mae West, the sound of Big Mama Thornton, and the sexuality of Marilyn Chambers, mix them up, and pour the ingredients into one plus-sized mold. Now break the mold. Behold Candye Kane, one of the most unique and talented singers on the planet. Kane makes a big impression on everyone she meets, and she proves on her newest release, Whole Lotta Love, that size does matter. It just depends on what you're referring to.

Joined by bluesmen Charlie Musselwhite and Rev. Billy C. Wirtz, Kane moves a bit further into jump-blues than on past records. And Whole Lotta Love showcases Kane's greatest asset: her amazing voice. From the window-rattling shout that kicks off "Something's Got a Hold of Me" to the sultry-smooth cover of Squeeze's "When the Hangover Strikes," Kane proves she can handle just about anything you throw at her, both musically and personally. She's not afraid to celebrate her body ("Fit, Fat and Fine"), her age (I'm Not Getting Older") and her lustiness ("What's That I Smell?"). There's a "whole lotta love" to be found out there, she sings on the title track (think Willie Dixon filtered through Led Zeppelin). You just have to look in the right places.

Candye Kane plays Sun., June 15, at Blind Willie's. Call for ticket price.

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