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After you've heard a slew of bands like this one, you begin to confuse them all. One leads to the next in a mushy sameness, their songs indistinguishable. To Remy Zero's credit, they are trying some new things, with mixed results.

Minor chords and perplexing sound effects are the weapons of choice here. The album-opening title track is a Pink Floyd-like instrumental curiosity, with a dash of ELO thrown in for good measure. "Glorious # 1" (wishful thinking, perhaps?) establishes the template: anthems and slogans interspersed with quiet reflection.

"Out/In" is a rallying cry, though for what is not explained. "I'm Not Afraid" is a sweet testament to perseverance. "Bitter" is exactly that -- all anger and revenge. "Perfect Memory" is a sad (if a tad precious) lament reminiscent of those loveless Scots, Del Amitri.

About halfway through the album, though, everything starts to blur. "Over the Rails & Hollywood High" is a mess. "Save Me" is U2 all over again, a good song lost in a copycat arrangement. The hidden track at the end is merely annoying. Still, there is a market for inoffensive pop-rock with jangly guitars and nice hooks. To that end, Remy Zero shows promise.

Remy Zero plays Tues., Nov. 20, at Earthlink Live.

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