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Ralph: Ralph 7-inch

Scavenger of Death


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Seven songs fly by on 7-inches as the debut EP from spawning punk quartet Ralph spins at the speed of chaos. "I Can't Breath" sets things in motion with dirty buzz-saw guitars. Phillip Jaggar's acidic shouts find the group meshing elements of punk, hardcore and metal, although there's nothing here that holds any crossover appeal. Likewise, there are no hardcore breakdowns in any of the record's most caustic numbers - "Destroy the Church," "Nothing Changes" or the fist-pumping standout "Infectious." There's also nothing overtly political or intellectual driving this avalanche of low-fi dirge, just seat-of-the-pants energy cranked out by kids who've steadily digested a collection of Germs, Black Flag and Killed By Death records. If you're looking for innovation, look elsewhere. This nod to classic form is a razor-sharp candidate for the most vicious Atlanta punk record of 2011. (3 out of 5 stars)


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