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R. Land's piracy issues

Art Created for Pirates by Pirates at the Plaza Theatre



R. Land is joining seven other artists for Art Created for Pirates by Pirates, an exhibit that opened at the Plaza Theatre May 6.

Eyeball Skeleton: "As preteen rockers from Baltimore, these little kids' first record, No. 1, is one of my favorite rock albums of this century."

Shut Up Little Man!, Raymond and Peter: "Although they've been dead for years, recordings of their profane, drunken rants re-emerge every month or so from my CD pile and my heart is filled with the old sweet sounds of the family I never had."

Geography of Nowhere: The Rise and Decline of America's Man-Made Landscape, by James Howard Kunstler: "Affected me profoundly since I first read it 15 years ago. A book about how greed, the automobile and terrible city planning have led our society away from a connection with its past into a future of suburban nothingness."

Florida back roads: "After being away for years, I recently returned for a two-week sabbatical into 'the real Florida.' To hell with the 'big' cities (Orlando, Miami and Tampa), the interstate system and Dizzy World. Treat yourself to a kingdom of swampy state parks, old state roads lined with fruit stands and boiled peanuts, historic landscapes, spring-fed rivers and more reptiles and amphibians than Jurassic Park. No place like it!"

Ross McElwee — Sherman's March, Time Indefinite, "Six O'Clock News," etc.: "If you ain't down with this guy's particular brand of documentary filmmaking, you might be an asshole."

scanfulton.com: "Tune in and learn about more crazy stuff going on in our beloved city than any local news station or blotter can ever tell."

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