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Pyramid Vritra: Pyramid




NRK (Nobody Really Knows) is the enigmatic Atlanta contingent of the same web-addled, post-Neptunes generation of rappers, skaters, and producers that spawned Los Angeles' Odd Future collective. Hal Williams splits his time between both groups, recording as half of Odd Future's the Jet Age of Tomorrow (with Matt Martians) and also under the NRK alias Pyramid Vritra. Pyramid marks his first full-length solo release, an often shapeless, spastic collection of progressive rap songs and sketches backed by the plodding rhythms and downbeat synth atmospherics familiar to fans of Tyler, the Creator, et al. Williams here gives free reign to his idiosyncrasies, lunging between genres and half-developed ideas in a way that seems unpretentiously ambitious and disorienting but never boring. (4 out of 5 stars)

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