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Mr. Sebastian and the Negro Magician by Daniel Wallace



"Before he became proprietor, Jeremiah – a huge man, with hair covering most of his body – was the Human Bear: the tips of his fingers and the glow in his cheeks were the only evidence he had skin at all. But he'd always had dreams, and when the owner of the circus died (surprisingly, in this world of freaks and freak occurrences, of natural causes), Jeremiah used his intimidating size and verbal skills to ascend the throne, where he'd been ever since. Nothing had changed during his tenure but the name: though there had never been a Chinese person associated with the circus, Jeremiah liked the sound of it. So Chinese Circus it was."

– From Mr. Sebastian and the Negro Magician by Daniel Wallace. Wallace is one of the many notable authors appearing at the Decatur Book Festival this weekend and will be presenting on the Decatur Presbyterian Chapel Stage Sat., Aug. 30, 12:30 p.m.

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