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PPP: Abundance



In innovative soul, there are only a handful of worthwhile experimental acts like PPP (formerly Platinum Pied Pipers), then there's everyone else. After Detroit's Wajeed and Saadiq murdered the competition with its 2005 debut, Triple P, they made fans wait an eternity, dropping Dwele teasers or Ubiquity compilation features to keep the streets on notice. Finally, the wait is over and the producers/songwriters who made hominy like Paul Simon's "Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover" fire, are again out for blood. Returning as a full band of musical marauders, PPP has evolved into a powerhouse on that Family Stand or Sly Stone tip. Vigilante artists-for-hire Coultrain, Karma Stewart and Jamila Raegan are vocal straight-shooters on such killer insta-jams as "Luv Affair," "Pigeon Hole" and "Sanctuary." Where others failed to make the '60s soul/'80s funk hybrid listenable, PPP demonstrates perfect aim again. 4 stars.

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