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P.O.S.: Never Better


Label it recessionary rap. On his latest Rhymesayers release, Never Better, P.O.S. tirades against Wall Street, big business and the greedy. Unlike last year’s equally political but unfocused debut from his Doomtree collective, Never Better is streamlined. P.O.S.’s staccato, dexterous flow is compelling enough to stand on its own, and his musical philosophy is clearly articulated. “In us we trust/No rush for bucks,” he raps on “Purexed,” adding, “I let the track stand/Like how it was written is how it hit me.” Indeed, the album has a spontaneous, punk-rock feel, although the beats — many of which he produced himself — are thoughtfully constructed throughout. The release is also well-timed. “We just need some place to sleep/We need the basics/And baby we are going to be alright,” he tells us on “The Basics (Alright).” In these recessionary times, those are words to live by. 4 stars

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