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Playing Y-O-U cheap

Top MySpace band faces a busy year



The often-hilarious rock trio Y-O-U, recently voted one of the Top 25 Bands on MySpace by Rolling Stone, is currently celebrating five years as an Atlanta-based band, promising a children's book, documentary DVD and more amusing videos before the end of 2007.

To celebrate the prolific calendar year ahead, band members will give away their new album if they have to. They plan to move out copies of their latest release Flashlights by selling it at shows for only $2 and, if you just want the MP3s, they're absolutely free on their amusing MySpace site (www These days, Nick Niespodziani and pals Peter Olson and Mark Cobb are definitely feeling charitable with their muse.

"We're really proud of this one," Niespodziani says. "So we decided to sell it at cost, just to get it out there. We're hoping to have to actually reorder the CD for the first time ever." Chalk it up to their newfound fortune, albeit a small but enabling windfall. The Coca-Cola Co. recently used "Good Luck with That American Dream," from their Everything Is Shifting EP for an international ad campaign, finally allowing the band the financial freedom to record a "big" record.

The advertisement, which won't be airing in the United States anytime soon -- if ever -- is currently being broadcast in at least a dozen countries. "With the Coke money, we were able to do the album the way our favorite bands did it, holed up in a studio with plenty of time and a good producer." And like good citizens, they spent their money locally. With busy producer Geoff Melkonian (Five Eight, Modern Skirts) at the helm, the band completed the 14-song disc at Avondale's Nickel and Dime Studios. "We did it like our favorite bands, T-Rex, the Rolling Stones or the Flaming Lips," he continues. "It doesn't sound like them, but it has more in common with those guys than the super-produced music you hear a lot now."

Y-O-U celebrates the official release of Flashlights on Sat., Jan. 27 at Smith's Olde Bar. Trances Arc and Clay Cook open. $10 (advance). 8 p.m. doors.


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