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Former Organized Noize member resurrects '90s fun(k)



Some ghetto Hammer shit. That's how PK describes his upcoming album led by "Monster Jam," featuring Tony Towers and Atlanta legend MC Shy D. The single channels its bassline straight from the early '90s.

"I'm bringing back personality [and] fun," PK says.

As an original member of the Atlanta production powerhouse Organized Noize and the founder of the Attic Crew, PK (formerly Pretty Ken – a moniker given to him by longtime friend Cee-Lo) has been an important part of the music scene since 1992. He started rapping alongside the Gnarls Barkley frontman, but hung up the microphone to make way for Andre 3000, Backbone and other Dungeon Family alumni he considered to be better than him.

"I felt like I could do something else, so I started producing," he says, adding that acclaimed Organized Noize producer Ray Murray taught him "a couple of things."

PK went on to produce the YoungBloodZ' first two albums, including the hit "85 South" as well as T.I.'s "Dope Boi Fresh." But around 2003 he got bored with producing, uninspired by what he deemed a creatively dry rap scene.

However, as fate – or friend and CEO of Ghet-O-Vision Kawan Prather – would have it, PK's music days were far from over. Prather eventually convinced him to get back behind the mic and use his charisma and know-how for his own project. Finding his niche making lighthearted dance ditties, PK's yet-to-be-titled debut, due out in June, will feature T.I., Killer Mike, Doug E. Fresh and OutKast.

"Once I caught my little lane, it started feeling good to me," PK grins, mentioning that though he's currently unsigned, some major labels have shown interest. "Now I'm loving it, man."


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