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Pits for PeachCare

Cutting off funds for kids' health care costs



Percent by which President Bush has cut federal funds for state programs that offer health insurance to children of the working poor:


Amount in annual federal funds that Georgia received for its program, PeachCare for Kids:

$263 million

Number of Georgia children on PeachCare's rolls:


Percent of Georgia children enrolled in the program:


Approximate number of Georgia children who remain uninsured:


Number of new PeachCare-eligible children who will be added to the rolls after March 11, due to the funding cuts:


Maximum annual income for a PeachCare-eligible family of four:


Maximum annual premium, per child, under PeachCare:


Average annual premium for a three-person family in Georgia if the family is paying without assistance from PeachCare or an employer:


Approximate cost to fund the Iraq war:

$379 billion

Number of children whose health insurance could be paid -- for the duration of their childhood -- with $379 billion:

17.8 million

Approximate number of uninsured children in the United States:

8.3 million

Sources: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Georgia Health Policy Center, National Coalition on Health Care, America's Health Insurance Plans' Center for Policy and Research

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