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MIRAGE RESTAURANT: This white-tablecloth Persian mainstay is starting to look a little worn around the edges. The food, however, stands the test of time. Generous portions of juicy Kabob Koubideh (skewered and charbroiled ground beef and onion patties) are a carnivore's dream. The Shirin Polo – a heaping mound of buttery rice – is fragrant with sautéed barberries, raisins and orange peels. Slivered almonds and pistachios add a slight crunch. The pieces of steamed chicken breast round out the dish to make it a satisfying meal. 6631 Roswell Road, Sandy Springs. 404-843-8300.

RUMI'S KITCHEN: Sandy Springs is the epicenter of Persian cuisine. This relative newcomer to the scene is a favorite of diners looking for a bit of modern flair to their dining repertoire. Rumi's freshly made bread is addictively crackly and soft. It's served in a cone with a plate of briny white cheese, fresh herbs, walnuts, room-temperature butter and crunchy radishes. It's hard not to make a meal of it. But save some room for the soul-soothing eggplant and veal stew and Cornish hen kabob. 6152 Roswell Road, Sandy Springs. 404-477-2100.

SHISH KABOB: While it's bare-bones, this kabob house is ideal for anyone looking for a tasty deal. The lunch buffet is a treasure trove of Persian delights, such as a mixed assortment of fresh herbs to eat along with your meal, surprisingly moist beef kabobs, stewed ground beef with tomatoes to eat dip-style with warm pieces of flat bread, and tender grilled chicken that's bright yellow with saffron. The Must-o-Khiar – a yogurt and cucumber dip – is so thick you may be tempted to abandon all other dishes and eat it with a spoon. 962 Roswell St., Marietta. 770-499-7399.

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