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Passion Pit: Gossamer




There was nothing particularly mannered about Passion Pit's 2009 sleeper indie hit Manners. That album spun the wheel of sonic roulette, with distorted freak-outs and piano arrangements that could've come from the hands of Hot Fingers Maloney. Gossamer is even more fantastically fucked, the perfect bookend to a huge hippie orgy. There are synths that sound like laser blasters ("I'll Be Alright"), grooves that shimmy like the Bee Gees ("Mirrored Sea"), and R&B jams that bump and grind like R. Kelly ("Constant Conversations"). There's even an ironic, blow-tried power ballad or two. Michael Angelakos is still a cutup: When he's not joking about his own suicide, he's wearing "Two Veils to Hide My Face." But he sounds thrilled descending into madness. 5 out of 5 stars

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