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On the street


What's your favorite place to go drinking?

Christian: Burkhart's. There's not that much attitude. The beverage menu is not all that different but it is relatively inexpensive. There's diversity -- it's not all just S&M or "standing model." People don't care as much about appearance or the type of clothes you wear or how much money you make. They're real people. You can actually strike up a conversation and not have to worry about judgment coming at you. 1492 Piedmont Ave., 404-872-4403.

Lynn: Capital Grille. Great atmosphere, good wood, great view. It's on the eighth floor of a building soyou look out and see the Buckhead skyline. It's an upscale sophisticated type of place. Good place to meet people. Fantastic, extensive wine list. Very high-priced, but on Wednesday nights they do Happy Hour with good priced wine. It's a professional after-work kind of crowd. It's a nice addition to Buckhead versus those cheesy, trashy kinds of clubs where people come in from everywhere and just crowd up the streets. 255 E. Paces Ferry Road, 404-262-1162.

Mark: Star Bar. Upstairs you got all the bands and you got two bars up there, so there's no way you're not going to get a drink on time and fast, and a very good drink. The bartenders mix their drinks really well. There's also a photo booth. Every once in a while the girls will flash their tits in the photo booth. You don't even realize it until the pictures come out. They show you the pictures and it's "Oh yeah, cool." 437 Moreland Ave., 404-681-9018.


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