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No Pain, No Gain


Just because you're no longer a kid doesn't mean you don't need to practice your A's, B's and C's along with your P's and Q's. Now that you're of drinking age, those are the vitamins you're sapping out of your system. Luckily, the Brewhouse Caf - located at the heart of Little Five Points - has your best interests in mind, because its Pain Killer is just the kind of "nutritious" alcoholic beverage that'll actually help mind your A-B-C's as quick as you can say, "One, two, three."

To explain, the Pain Killer is a revitalizing pint glass of Bacardi O, Malibu coconut rum, pineapple juice, coconut milk, and tangy orange juice - thus providing a dash of that valuable vitamin C - and can be requested in three levels, depending on whether you want one, two, or three shots of rum. And sitting on the Brewhouse patio drinking, you bask in that sun and imagine the dreadlocked trust fund punks in the park across the street are chillin' on a beach in Jamaica with you. Is it the vitamin C and UV-derived vitamin D surging through you or is it just the rum? Either way, the pain is killed.

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