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Nick Lachey backlash

Readers strike back



Last week, I trashed Nick Lachey in this very space. Sure, it was an easy swipe, but those mere 192 words sparked a string of comments on the CL website from the Nick Lachey defenders. I'm proud to say I received my first work-related death threat. Here's the top five Heather Kuldell disses, appearing with the same spelling, grammar and passion as on the website:

1) You slag. you bitch heather how could you say dat u hate nick i love him when i see you i'll kill you slaaaaaaaaaagggg aaaaahhhhhh u bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

2) You have some nerve! How can you say that about any human being!! It is not his fault that ignorant people supply the demand for celebrity gossip! I think you need to step back, I bet your no big deal either!!

3) Who the hell are you anyway to be making fun of celebs? Just cause you got yourself a column, you think you're hot sh**, well I'm here to tell you, you're not! Celebs are people just like you and me. They put their pants on leg at a time. If you don't like looking at Nick or Jessica, don't look! Turn the other cheek!

4) Well, well. i'd agree with all the above comments. you never cared about him, you said. but you care not that you've actually written an article about him. how's that?

5) Well unlike the ones who posted mine won't have spelling or grammatical errors but geesh, I can't stand reading what YOU wrote but do you see me going all out tell you to drop off the face of the earth so I never have to read YOUR opinions again? No. That's because I don't need to have a cheezy column Im still mature enough NOT to attack some celeb for some stupid reasons like you stated above. But maybe I SHOULD get a column and BLAST little people like you who have nothing better to do than trash celebs. Im sure you'd LOVE it if people posted about you on their sites or in their papers.

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