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Music: Mark Olson

Sat., May 10



With his latest solo album, The Salvation Blues, former Jayhawks vocalist MARK OLSON crafts a collection of simple, languid Americana and spiritually at-ease singer/songwriter fare Sat., MAY 10. The demos for The Salvation Blues were recorded in various haunted locales around the globe, including an abandoned communist music school in Krakow, Poland; in the hills and mountainous rural outskirts of Oslo, Norway; and in the recesses of Olson's hometown of Minneapolis. By way of impressionism each song summons a skewed and world-weary take on Americana that wraps around drifting narrative tales that cloud the lines between heartbreak, happiness, and warm, reflective bliss. $15. 7:30 p.m. Red Light Café, 553 Amsterdam Ave. 404-874-7828.


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