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Atlanta's Most Hated No. 16: Childish Gambino

Actor, comedian, rapper, and blah blah blah


"Donald Glover 'tanks' on Fallon. Has he topped Drake as the 'softest nigga in the rap game'?" — Carles,


Put simply, there generally ain't a whole lot of critical love reserved for the self-consciously poly-talented. Stone Mountain native Donald Glover — who established himself as a writer, comedian, actor, and Twitter elite before pursuing hip-hop in earnest — experienced the celeb-rap backlash firsthand when indie colossus Pitchfork speared him with a spitefully low 1.6 rating for his 2011 full-length, Camp. Though it's entirely arguable that the review was a bit, ahem, childish, it underscored the perception some folks seem to have of Glover's music, which is that it tends to drown itself in a kiddie pool of Asian-girl-obsessed self-pity. We'll admit that the pseudo-outsider petulance of his lyrics certainly didn't help matters much. (He's a black guy! Who didn't fit in at high school! And is, like, way into indie rock! Crazy, right?!)


Fuck what you heard: Camp was no 1.6. Aside from Gambino's well-formed witticisms, most of which were on par with or better than anything Glover's hero Kanye ever spat, the album showcased a mean set of production skills, too. Regardless of your opinion on celebrities who harbor musical aspirations, Gambino has consistently proven that he's in it for the love of the game, not the extracurricular fame. In actuality, his appeal runs deep; try finding another rapper besides the big four (Yeezy, Weezy, Drizzy, Jay-Zizzy) who inspires as much cross-cultural relatability. Gambino is the epitome of the blog-rap generation, the emperor of the post-post-underground, unapologetically geeky and meta-everything. The backlash in his case is to be expected, but we can officially declare that it's baseless. More lyrical than Lil B, as gleefully megalomaniacal as rappers worth three times as much (but somehow still gravity-bound), Childish Gambino is actually a near-perfect amalgam of the three things Glover does best: writing, rapping, and just plain being funnier than a mug. — Gabe Vodicka

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