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Mr. C's Neighborhood Bar & Grill



WHERE NOBODY KNOWS YOUR NAME: Sometimes you just need to hide out in the dark corner of a seedy bar where there is no chance of running into anyone you know and drown your sorrows in a stiff drink (or three). When that time comes — and you happen to be on the Westside — head to Mr. C's. The tiny bar, which is tucked away in the strip next to the Fellini's on Howell Mill Road, has all the markings of a standard: worn wood tables, pleather bar chairs that have seen better days, neon beer signs, plasma televisions lining the perimeter of the bar, a pool table, and an Internet jukebox cranking out anything from Dave Matthews to Atlanta anthems by our very own T.I.

UNUSUAL SUSPECTS: The bar attracts college kids, aging frat boys, drunk girls spilling out of their clothes, and that one old dude sitting by himself who greets every female with a creepy, drunken smile. Many people have a strange affinity for Mr. C's — probably because everyone needs a place to get rowdy in anonymity.

DRUNK AND DINE: The usual suds like PBR and Miller abound. Mixed drinks use well brands, but are mercifully strong and cheap. The wings and the fried okra are safe bets. There is also a "steak and bake" special (a steak and baked potato) for $6.95 on Thursdays.

Mr. C's Neighborhood Bar & Grill, 1983 Howell Mill Road. 404-605-0888. Mon.-Sat., 11 a.m.-2:30 a.m.; Sun., 12:30 p.m.-midnight.

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