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Garret "World Famous G-MACK" Webster



For a guy who was trying to stay away from the music industry, Garret "World Famous G-MACK" Webster did a poor job of it. "The music industry is a business first, and anybody can be a casualty if you're not bringing in the dollars," he says. "And you can't always expect to be treated fairly."

But a run-in with Mayhem, a DJ with Hittmenn DJs, at an EMI/Virgin records listening party a few years back got him interested.

"My freshman year I started promoting for parties as a way to get in free. From that people knew that I knew what was going on," he says.

Soon G-MACK, a senior at Morehouse College, started learning how to DJ through friends at Hittmenn (a nationwide DJ network that numbers around 80 members) and "realized that DJs get to go to parties, play music and make money, too."

He's learned street-level guerrilla marketing through an internship at EMI and his work with Hittmenn's marketing offshoot, Hittmenn Hustlers. His team has transformed Market Fridays at Spelman College from a low-key vendor market for T-shirts and sunglasses to an artist showcase.

"We use it as a venue to break new records and bring out the artists to do meet-and-greets," says G-MACK. He and his hustlers don't disappoint, delivering such talent as the Game, Marcus Houston and Rich Boy. G-MACK recognizes the heavy influence college students have on the finicky music industry – the power they wield when they bring Atlanta crunk back home to California before it ever hits BET – and he just wants to know how to help usher in the next new wave.

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